March 28, 2023
Polygon News

Aragon Deployed to Polygon


Aragon’s DAO Creation & Management Deployed to Polygon

Aragon Labs Embraces Polygon

“Govern Better, Together,” is the visionary principle guiding DAO building at Aragon. Committed to building decentralized governance solutions, Aragon (Web3 communities’ future) is deployed to Polygon. Web3’s robust growth motivated the Aragon network to integrate with Polygon (MATIC). Their objective is to reduce gas fees for creators and DAO developers. The Ethereum network limited the number of DAOs able to afford working on a Web3 platform due to high gas fees. Polygon PoS (proof-of-stake) technology is specifically devised to facilitate operating DeFi at scale. It allows Aragon to operate at near-zero gas fees. Aragon will utilize Polygon as a full-stack solution for scaling. This integration would lead to over 5000x (from $500 on Ethereum to $0.1 on Polygon) reduction in DAO creation cost for Aragon. With over 1,900 DAOs built with Aragon, it’s spearheading the digital decentralization revolution. Aragon Labs is also capable of scaling real-world organizations.

What is Aragon?

Aragon Labs AG is a (Zug) Swiss-based company building sovereign governance systems. Aragon is a fight for freedom (a liberating tool to unleash goodwill and creativity). Operating at the frontier of technological innovation, Aragon lets you build your DAO on open-source infrastructure with governance plugins. Aragon Labs is the core Vocdoni voting protocol (VVP) contributor. VVP is the first universally-verifiable and anonymous (decentralised) voting protocol. Aragon has $190MN+ in treasury, with over $500MN of total value locked and 60,000+ members in DAOs powered by Aragon.

Aragon Ecosystem: The Optimistic DAO

Aragon Labs offers solutions for all your governance needs. Aragon’s DAO deployment platform attracts contributions, enables capital pools and transparent governance. Experience unparalleled high-speed decision-making:

1. Aragon Govern

Aragon Govern is a pioneering framework enabling frictionless DAO governance with on-chain execution and plug-in dispute resolution. It ensures optimistic governance (simple and affordable) for your DAO. You can schedule on-chain executions that could be challenged in Aragon Court by any token holder. It has a voteless execution feature; you can follow signaling proposals and avoid expensive or time-consuming votes. It offers scalable and high-speed governance (barring bad actors). 

2. Aragon Client

Aragon Client lets you create your organization and navigate across apps for performing actions. Communities use Aragon on a daily basis to fundraise, manage finances, and reward contributors. You can incentivize contributors to associate with your community and work collaboratively. To pool capital, you can raise funds from people (distributed globally) united by shared values. To govern transparently, you can opt to shape financial decisions with utmost transparency and group participation.

3. Aragon Court

Aragon’s optimistic governance leads to all proposals passing by default if not challenged and resolved on Aragon Court. A decentralized dispute resolution protocol, Aragon Court is a plug-in arbitration platform that’s easily accessible to decentralized applications. It offers subjective dispute resolution, human-centered Sybil resistance, and a network of guardians.

4. Aragon Voice

Aragon Voice is a new gasless and universally-verifiable voting solution. It is the ultimate solution for proposal creation, management and voting in a decentralized (secure) and cost-effective way. It offers unique guarantees, free (permissionless) voting, and is flexible and modular.

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