June 8, 2023
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Axion Network Migrates to Polygon


Polygon Network Welcomes the Axion Network

“The future of AXION is here.” Axion Network completes Polygon Migration. Say goodbye to mind-boggling gas fees, and embrace an affordably rewarding future with the Axion-Polygon synergy. The Ethereum Network has been a robust foundation for launching the Axion project. But, scaling to a massive scale, that too with mass-affordability in mind, is equally vital for the Axion Network.

Why Stake on the Axion Network?

Staking on the Axion Network offers the following lucrative benefits:

  1. 8% minimum APR earned daily in AXN (that’s 15x the national average)
  2. Bitcoin Divs generate passive income
  3. Access exclusive launches (airdrops, presales, IEOs, IDOs) with Axion Launch
  4. Blockchain security and continual development

Why Polygon for Axion Network?

After spending months assessing various affordable chain alternatives (BSC, Pulse, Cardano, Solana, Avalanche, etc.), Polygon stood to be Axion’s future. On Polygon, Axion Network would enjoy the following vital benefits:

  1. More deflationary measures
  2. Seamless migration with Polygon’s L2 scaling solution
  3. New NFT stake minting
  4. Dynamic liquidity management
  5. Stakes on V3
  6. Fresh chart-led upward price movements

Axion’s Polygon Launch Features

  1. Stake Naming
  2. Stake Splitting
  3. Using wBTC divs in Axion Accelerator
  4. Accelerator costs automatically covered by Axion
  5. New Staking Portal Theming Engine
  6. NFT Stakes and Limited Transfer

“Pioneer the Future” with OG-Polygon

Axion-Polygon’s OG-Polygon offering is “the Exclusive 500-mint NFT.” OG-Polygon NFT is a semi-rare utility feature that is transferable and sellable. It involves an Axion Launch bonus allocation, and you could be the “first to access the upcoming Axion NFT Store.”

Buying Axion on the Accelerator

You can also buy Axion’s AXN tokens via their official Accelerator. The Axion Accelerator offers “up to a 20% bonus on your purchase depending” considering your staking period. To access Axion’s Polygon migration FAQs, click here.

About Axion.Network

Axion is a #betterwaytocrypto. A fully-audited and highly secured staking platform, the Axion Network is now available on the Polygon blockchain. The robustly efficient staking platform offers enhanced control on your investments. 

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