June 8, 2023

Burn Protocol AMA Recap


Bryan Wei, the Lead Dev from Burn Protocol stopped by to talk to Sergeant Pepper about his new project, as well as to discuss their plans for the future. To celebrate the BSCTimes and Burn Protocol AMA, members from the community who participate in the question and answer segment at the end will be selected to win a share of prizes worth $100 in BURN tokens! Stay tuned for announcement of the winners!

Sergeant Pepper (BSC TIMES): Beautiful! Let’s begin!! I’m going to start by muting everyone in the chat except for myself and Bryan!

Bryan Wei: Good day everyone! We are very much excited join this AMA. @BSCTimes Thank you for having us in your wonderful community today.

Sergeant Pepper (BSC TIMES): Here’s how this is going to go down: I’m going to ask Bryan 8 or so questions about Burn Protocol.

After we’re done with our questions, we’re going to unmute the community, and give you about 5 minutes to get your own questions in. We’ll then mute everyone again and give Bryan some time to pick out 5 community questions to answer.

Sergeant Pepper (BSC TIMES): He can answer more if he wants, but the first 5 that he answers will each receive $20 in $BURN once it’s live!

Sergeant Pepper (BSC TIMES): Thanks for joining us! We’re all excited to learn more!

Sergeant Pepper (BSC TIMES): Let’s begin!! 🎉

Bryan Wei: Perfect

Sergeant Pepper (BSC TIMES): So Bryan, can you please start off by introducing yourself and sharing a bit about your experience and background?

Bryan Wei: Yes, Lets Start. Bryan Wei here! Lead Developer of of Burn Protocol. We are a team of 9. 

  • 1 Head of Strategy
  • 3 Core Developers
  • 3 Marketing Managers
  • 2 UI/UX Designers

Handling everything In-house, Tech Development, Strategy, Partnership collaborations, Marketing & Community Support. with each of them having an expertise in Tech, Business Strategy and Marketing respectively.

We started hiring some more expertise in our team. Since we are working on 3 Major Network as of now, which is nobody tried in the DeFi space so far.

We treat this like a fledgling startup where everyone handles a bit of everything; this is based on the Knife theory of startups – When you first start a company, you need Swiss Army knife people who can do a little bit of everything and once your company gets big, you need a bunch of kitchen knife people who do one thing very, very well. This has been our core philosophy in terms of roles and responsibilities amongst the team; divided into major and minor ones. As we grow bigger we aim to hire more specialists looking at specific roles. 

That’s it. I want to give a brief introduction to know more about us.

Sergeant Pepper (BSC TIMES): Brilliant! I had never heard of the Knife theory, but I love it! Sounds like you’ve assembled a well rounded team!

What exactly is Burn Protocol? Feel free to get as technical as you want, but I’d also like you to share an ELI5 version.

Bryan Wei: Thanks!

Bryan Wei: I’m trying with ELI5 Version🙂

BURN works on an autonomous frictionless yield farming and liquidity generation protocol. Just by holding $BURN tokens in your wallet you will get more $BURN via reflection & $BNB/$ETH/$MATIC depends on the network.

BURN is a community driven DeFi project built on 3 major blockchains (Binance Smart Chain, ETH & Polygon Network). BURN brings the most revolutionary mechanism to integrate Multichain ecosystem.

Sergeant Pepper (BSC TIMES): Impressive! It can’t be easy hitting all 3 networks. You must have some great devs.

Bryan Wei: Yes, we have some expertise😊

Sergeant Pepper (BSC TIMES): Tell me a bit about the tokenomics. Could you fill us in about what makes $BURN an interesting project to hodl? The reflection, of course, is always an appealing source of passive gains. What else makes it interesting?

Bryan Wei:


Total Supply: 1 Quadrillion $BURN

👉25% for the Presale. Unsold tokens will be burned immediately.

👉25% for the Launch. 100% LP Locked for 6 Months

👉5% for airdrop (Locked till Distribution)

👉5% for marketing & Top Exchanges listing.

👉40% goes to No Loss Jackpot for $BURN Lovers.

Note: There is no team tokens. In house team also has to participate like others in presale. 100% fair chance to everyone.

Every transaction of BURN carries a 12% tax.

BURN is programmed to reward holders. It does this by applying a 12% tax on transactions. Following functions occur during each trade: Reflection, LP Acquisition, and Burn.

👉4% – BNB/ETH/MATIC Reward Pool

👉4% – Auto Liquidity

👉2% – Auto Staking Rewards

👉1% – No loss Jackpot Pool

👉1% – Auto burn

No Loss Jackpot is the real Innovation, which will drive the project in Automode.

Sergeant Pepper (BSC TIMES): No loss jackpot? Go on, Tell me a bit about that! Sounds intriguing.

Bryan Wei: No Loss Jackpot: We don’t burn our tokens from our genesis supply like others do. It’s meaningless. What we do is, 40% of the Total supply goes to No Loss Jackpot. YES, read it twice i.e 400 Trillion $BURN Tokens, anybody can play with a very small transaction.

Sergeant Pepper (BSC TIMES): Wow. 😳

Bryan Wei: Logic behind this Jackpot

Now the Biggest Token holder is Jackpot pool 40%. In addition, Every transaction 1% tax will be reached here and also Jackpot wallet being one of the holder of $BURN tokens, hence participating in reflection will increase the Pool weightage very fast.

It’s a 6 hours game, every transaction (buy/sell or wallet transfer) will increase the Jackpot timer for few seconds. When the timer reaches Zero from 6 hours, the last person who bought or sold or transferred the BURN tokens will win the Massive Jackpot.

Bryan Wei:

Jackpot Distribution

👉10% $BURN tokens goes to the winner. Let’s say Jackpot pool contains 500 Trillion $BURN Tokens. The winner will be receiving 50 Trillion Tokens instantly. That is huge, winner will be the real Dragon of the game.

👉10% $BURN tokens will be burned. i.e 50 Trillion BURN tokens will be burned instantly forever from the circulation.

👉80% $BURN tokens will be moved to the next round of Jackpot pool. i.e 400 Trillion $BURN will be left in the Jackpot pool & the No Loss Jackpot continuous again and again.

It’s a never ending process, it will drive the burn protocol forever.

Sergeant Pepper (BSC TIMES): Amazing. I’ve never heard of this technique! Quite innovative!

Bryan Wei: Thanks! We wanted to prove ourselves with real innovation.

Sergeant Pepper (BSC TIMES): I love it Give us a brief version of Burn’s genesis story. What made you want to start it?

Bryan Wei: Expected question 🙋‍♂️

Sergeant Pepper (BSC TIMES): Lolol, I love a good origin story 😂

Bryan Wei: Many other similar tokens failed because there is no engagement created around the community. Users simply buy & hold and there won’t any other engagement rather than buy & sell.

We want to keep engage the peoples with our projects with our innovation & we will keep introducing the interesting games.

Sergeant Pepper (BSC TIMES): I love it. I never thought about that aspect of reflection tokens. Everyone just holds waiting for reflections, which limit reflections. This is a creative workaround for that!

Tell me a little bit about your roadmap. What does your marketing plan look like?

Bryan Wei: Thanks. It’s our USP 🎯

Bryan Wei: Writing the road map for next 6 months

Ongoing – Whitelisting Process

June 2021 – PRE-SALE

The token will be available for Pre-Sale with benefits of No transaction Fee. That is 12% Lower price than pancakeswap listing price.


Initial Liquidity will be locked for 6 months.


Continuous high level marketing to promote the project.

June 2021 – CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, BSCSCAN & ETHERSCAN Listing Process


Partnership with listing sites: Nomics, Blockfolio, and top rated centralized Exchanges

In 2 Months – BURN CHARITY

For Real Healing & Real Wellness

In 3 Months – BurnSwap DEX


We will deliver All in one NFT MARKETPLACE, which will enhance the Burn Ecosystem.


We will be launching multiple games to utilize and earn more Tokens/BNB/ETH/MATIC. You can earn by competing with others without loosing your crypto holdings.

Sergeant Pepper (BSC TIMES): Wonderful! Love to see the Burn Charity. I just have two more questions and then we’ll open it up to the public!

Security is king in this day in age. What measures have you taken to ensure that everything is SAFU?

Bryan Wei: It’s a key thing, I’m a crypto investor myself and belong to a lot of different communities & I see RUG Pulls keep happening. By keeping these things in our mind, We will audit our project with worlds top auditing companies. We do this after deploying our contract.

We are a 100% SAFU & 100% RUG PULL free project.

Sergeant Pepper (BSC TIMES): Good to hear that you plan to be audited

So wrapping up our end of things, is there anything else you want to tell us about your project before we open up the chat for questions?

Bryan Wei: That’s it. We covered most of the things.

Presale whitelisting started now, close to 10000 entries came so far. Whitelisted addresses will get the priority hours before the public.

Presale will happen in our own IDO platform https://burnprotocol.com. Because we are running in multiple blockchain, we don’t want to mess-up by leading the participants in to multiple third party platforms.

Bryan Wei: Everyone in the crypto industry loves the word #BURN. We will impress everyone with our real innovation.😊

Bryan Wei: We are excited & we want to release our gitbook link here:  https://burnprotocol.gitbook.io

Sergeant Pepper (BSC TIMES): Haha no truer words have been said.

Alright, let’s open this up for questions from the community for about 5 minutes!

Community Question #1

SHABIR: What will be the requirements for participating in lottery 

Bryan Wei: We can’t say it’s a Lottery. You will be on the Jackpot if you do any transaction like (buy/sell/simple transfer). You can be on the game & competing with others without losing your crypto assets.

Community Question #2

J. Marin: BURN Charity, it’s interesting. So, what funds do you have in mind for these charities, a transaction percentage?

Bryan Wei: Many times after rolling out the testnet, we recognize that top $BURN holders have more advantages when collecting BNB than others. Following the philosophy of building a pure community-driven project. We introduce a new tax feature.

If you collect more than 1 BNB, 20% of it will be used to donate to charities. This feature helps us contribute to noble causes. Any $BURN holder have rights to associate with charity activities.

Community Question #3

Crypto!!Lord: At present there are various new projects coming in the market, So I ask you to Tell some quality features of your project which gives more benefits for your users and makes your project totally different & unique from other projects.

Bryan Wei: Yes we have many features implemented. No Loss Jackpot is the key feature for Burn Protocol, it will drive the community in Automode forever.

Community Question #4

J. Marin: why do you build $BURN also on Ethereum? How do you solve scalability and transaction fee issues on this network?

Bryan Wei: ETH is father of all smart contracts & Defi. They are trying to solve the transaction fee issue & they are keep working on scalability. If you noticed, Last 2 days the transaction fee was less the 20 Gwei.

Community Question #5

T̵̢̛̺̖̻͓̻̟̖̮̾͆̏̋̀̄̈́̕o̵͗ ̢̜́m̶̛͕͒͛͋̋̓e̴͎̩̠̭̻̭͙̟͌̀̎̒̔͂͘ͅr̷͖̩̖̜͐̋͘͝, : Why the name burn,is your project really a burning project🤩??

Bryan Wei: I told here already. Everyone in the crypto industry loves the word #BURN.

We will Burn the FUD: We will burn the negativity; We will burn the RugPull; We will burn the poverty.

Sergeant Pepper (BSC TIMES): Alright! We have our 5 winning questions! We’ll be DM’ing you for your addresses so @bryanwei_burn can send you that $BURN after they launch! PLEASE DO NOT DM US. We will DM you!

Bryan Wei: Thanks, drop me 5 wallet addresses👍

Sergeant Pepper (BSC TIMES): I would like to thank @bryanwei_burn for being a great guest today! Burn Protocol sounds like a very exciting project! I can’t wait to see where it goes 🙂

It sounds like @bryanwei_burn might be able to stick around for a bit after we conclude to chat and answer any questions that you guys might still have! We’re going to be unmuting now.

Thanks so much Brian, and everyone in the community!

We’ll be posting the AMA Recap on BSCTimes.com and our Twitter twitter.com/BSCTimes soon.