March 29, 2023
Polygon News

Dharma Wallet Integrates with Polygon

Dharma-Polygon Integration is DeFi’s Growth Avenue

Dharma-Polygon integration culminates. The development now enables direct DeFi investing from a U.S. bank account. Ethereum wallet Dharma has facilitated direct connections with banks. Users can now, with ease, speed, and security buy their beloved DeFi tokens whilst avoiding sky-high gas fees. Polygon-hosted stellar Web3 projects—AAVE, Sushiswap, Curve, Balancer, Kyber—utilize the acclaimed Polygon PoS scaling and Dharma Wallet’s robust security.

Dharma Wallet: The DeFi Promise Kept Well

Dollars to DeFi, a tap away. “From trading to yield, dharma connects your bank account to the world of DeFi & Ethereum.” 10 Protocols, 73,592 tokens, 26 actions. Dharma allows you to buy 20,000+ DeFi tokens right from your U.S. Bank Account via Uniswap. Dharma Wallet offers non-custodial security, no-limit wire transfers, and price alerts. It works without seed phrases (with smart wallet recovery). Polygon Layer 2 is next for Dharma Wallet. dharmaOS (an open SDK connecting any Ethereum protocol to robust fiat on/off-ramps) powers Dharma Wallet. Y Combinator, Coinbase, Green Visor Capital, and Polychain Capital invested in Dharma via a 2019 Series A investment of $7 Million.

Dharma-Polygon Integration: MATIC Price Impact

High gas fees and nightmarish navigations of cross-chain bridges would be distant memories with Dharma-Polygon integration. The promising Dharma-Polygon integration brings optimism in MATIC’s (Polygon’s native token) price, as well. With the Dharma-Polygon integration announcement and the technical evaluation factors, a 62% breakout for MATIC is nearly possible. Polygon and Dharma share a common mission of democratizing investments via financial services-led people empowerment. It is worth noting that Polygon’s Total Value Locked (TVL) has risen to over $9 Billion. Dharma’s stringent verification of the users’ identities to qualify for accessing its products is fully regulation-compliant. In particular, in compliance with the federal money-services business regulations. Swap, sell, buy, or transfer 1000s of tokens now with Dharma-Polygon (PoS).

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