March 29, 2023
Polygon News

EY Blockchain x Polygon Nightfall: Enterprise & Scaling Solutions on Ethereum

Developers’ delight: EY & Polygon are co-developing Enterprise Ethereum Scaling Solutions

EY Blockchain x Polygon: Enterprise & Scaling Solutions

EY Blockchain (EY) is advancing the future of business via blockchain enablement—now with the Polygon Network. Digitizing and integrating finance  and operations’ business life cycle at the ecosystem level, EY is a global professional services and technology firm. Collaborating with Polygon, EY is building and implementing Ethereum ecosystem scaling and enterprise solutions. In that, EY and Polygon have partnered for co-developing Ethereum scaling solutions for enterprises.

EY Blockchain x Polygon: The Joint Roadmap

EY and Polygon would, per their co-developing partnership, also work on a public, privacy-focused Rollup—the Polygon Nightfall. EY shall make available its acclaimed blockchain products on Polygon, as well. Development of new Polygon-based blockchains for enterprise application is on the joint roadmap. Polygon’s permissionless (public) commit chain will be linked to EY’s flagship blockchain services (EY OpsChain and EY Blockchain Analyzer). EY clients would connect their business operations to Polygon networks via easy configuration alteration on Direct access from is now available to the core production network and test network of Polygon. Polygon-EY will also develop privacy-focused enterprise chains under the auspices of the Polygon ecosystem via Nightfall 3. Security and flexibility on the public Ethereum mainnet would be given to enterprises to make swift transitions to public networks.

What is Polygon Nightfall?

Announcing its initial version in 2019, EY’s Nightfall is a protocols’ set that facilitates private transactions on the Ethereum Mainnet. It is a highly prominent privacy solution on the Ethereum network. Nightfall emanates from the peculiar challenges existing in Ethereum adoption—network congestion and costly gas fees. Nightfall 3 is the upcoming scalability variant of Nightfall. Polygon Nightfall is the “public instance of Nightfall 3.” It is a unique, privacy-centric Rollup merging “Optimistic Rollups with Zero-Knowledge (ZK) cryptography,” also called ZK-Rollups. Due focus is attributed to make this solution an optimal product / market-fit solution.

Polygon: A Thriving Solutions’ Suite

Polygon is a thriving ecosystem with a range of market-leading solutions on offer. Polygon PoS, Polygon Hermez, Polygon SDK, and Polygon Avail would efficiently work alongside Nightfall 3. Nightfall 3 would also be an optimal addition to Polygon’s ZK Technology focus for future growth. Polygon’s $1 billion strategic allocation to ZK technology projects focuses on scalability, security, decentralization, privacy, etc. The Polygon Network is excited to allocate resources to shape this growth trajectory with EY for expediting Polygon Nightfall’s adoption.

About EY & Socials

Digitizing blockchain and supply chains’ integration is occurring via seamlessly connecting business operations and finance. EY Blockchain serves the entire business lifecycle (contracting, ordering, fulfilling, invoicing to payments). Right from conducting blockchain-led business to availing insights into blockchain occurrences. EY also manages the tax and audit compliance for blockchain transactions to simplify regulation and tax for enterprises.