June 8, 2023
Polygon News

Mark Cuban’s Lazy NFT Marketplace Integrates Polygon to Reduce Fees

Over the years, advancement in technology has sought ‘lazy’ ways to do things. Although many people will rather believe that technological advancement promotes convenience rather than laziness, the 63 years old American billionaire–Mark Cuban doesn’t share the same thought. Mark Cuban has gained much popularity owing to his appearance as an investor on ABC’s “Shark Tank.”

Mark currently ranks number 655 on the Forbes billionaire 2021 list with an estimated net worth of $4.4Billlion. Mark Cuban, who owns NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and other investments in many mission-driven companies, is one of the wealthy people with humble beginnings. He had to sell stamps door-to-door and give disco lessons to fund his way through university. His first major contribution to the crypto-space is the Lazy NFT platform.

Lazy.com is simply a lazy way for people to show off their NFTs. NFT platform Lazy.com, created by Mark Cuban, recently developed an interface with the Ethereum-based scaling solution Polygon. Because of this integration, digital collectibles will gain more popularity. This collaboration allows means users can now showcase their NFTs at a low cost. This event coincided with the opening of Polygon Studios, a gaming world centered on alternative forms of transportation, and metaverse, a digital cultural hub.

Users will be able to connect their Polygon wallets to the Lazy.com platform, which also supports Ethereum-based NFTs, via this union—making the sector more widely accessible and helps Lazy.com achieve its aim of improving the NFT market. People have a lazy way to show off their NFTs via the platform. It is no doubt that crypto-space projects need to hold hands to survive, and cross-chained projects look like the easiest way to achieve that at the moment. The collaboration will allow cheaper and faster transactions on the lazy NFT platform and will be a tremendous boost to the NFT space.