June 8, 2023
Polygon News

MATIC and ETH Added to Umbria Network’s Narni Cross-chain Bridge

Narni, a cross-chain bridge on the Umbria network, has added the native token of Polygon and Ethereum. This makes it easier to transfer the Ethereum and Polygon tokens faster and cheaper. Although many bridges have steered towards the same course in the past, Narni cross-chain bridge stands out because it provides the cheapest gas-fee bridge from the Ethereum network to the Polygon network. The bridge’s gas fee can go as low as $2.56; which is significantly lesser when compared with other bridges.

Another cool feature of the Narni cross-chain bridge is the “Pool and Earn” function. The function pays liquidity providers on the Narni bridge. Users can lend their Matic and Ethereum tokens and earn APY when other users bridge between the networks.

The activity on the Narni bridge has increased significantly in the past weeks, with the bridge having an increased Total Value Locked. The pool and earn feature has equally attracted more users with the interest they could earn on the asset they supply.  

Umbria’s cross-chain bridge (Narni) has the potential to transform the world of blockchain industries because it enables faster, cheaper, and more convenient transfers of assets between various blockchain ecosystems. The bridge also allows users to invest their tokens and earn APY as they would in conventional farming. As stablecoins have very stable prices, the APY is expected to be especially appealing to them.