June 8, 2023

Moneytime Finance AMA Recap


Moneytime Finance Project Interview with BSCTimes

The team from Moneytime Finance stopped by to talk to CryptoGirlfriend about their new project, as well as to discuss their plans for the future. To celebrate the BSCTimes and Moneytime Finance AMA, members from the community who participate in the question and answer segment at the end will be selected to win a share of prizes worth $250! Stay tuned for announcement of the winners!

CryptoGirlfriend: Welcome everyone! I am going to be the AMA host today. A few housekeeping items before we get started. I have made @AstraLorenzo & @ClutchMoneyTime admins from moneytime.finance and will be muting the chat during the AMA with MoneyTime.

CryptoGirlfriend: After I spend some time asking my questions, I will then open up the chat for a few minutes for everyone to ask questions. Moneytime will then select 5 of the questions asked by the participants. Best questions will win $50 each! ($250 total)

Lorenzo: Thank you @CryptoGrlfriend happy to be here with BSC TIMES!

CryptoGirlfriend: Do we have everyone here from MoneyTime that will be participating?

Lorenzo: Yes ready

CryptoGirlfriend: Great! Then let’s get this AMA started then!

Welcome and thank you for joining us today here in the BSC Times Telegram channel.

Can you please start off by introducing yourselves and telling everyone about your experience and background?

Clutch Money: Thank you for having us, we are equally if not more excited to finally launch MoneyTime Finance. This is a project with many weeks in testing phase. We are aiming to create a long term yield farm on the Binance Smart Chain.

The project is funded and created by a team originally building DeFi on Ethereum, the founders are 2 dev and 2 Community manager. We are 8 members currently working in the team of MoneyTime.Finance.

MoneyTime Officiel Telegram Team:

  • Lorenzo – @AstraLorenzo (Community Manager – Tag TimeLord)
  • White Kanye – @WhiteKanye (Community Manager – Tag TimeMaster)
  • Timmy Tool – @tooltoken (Community Manager – Tag TimeChief)
  • ClutchMoney – @ClutchMoneyTime (Community Manager – Tag TimeOfficer) 
  • James – @Jamesmia1979 (Lead Dev – Tag TimeDEV)

CryptoGirlfriend: Awesome! You have a pretty decent sized team. Glad to know you have a team of people behind the project instead of just 1 or 2 people.

Clutch Money: Yes we have a dream team in here  😁

CryptoGirlfriend: Can you tell us, what exactly is Moneytime.finance? Can you describe your project?

Lorenzo: Moneytime.finance is a yield farming platform running on Binance Smart Chain with a unique price-positive token economic design. The project is funded and created by a team originally building DeFi on Ethereum, but since 2021 has been solely shifted to Binance Smart Chain due to its promising future: True open finance for everyone, not only ETH whales.

There is a gaping hole in the BSC ecosystem for a quality yield platform that incentivizes long-term sustainability over short-term pump-n-dump mentality.

We realize that to achieve this, we need to re-think the whole yield-farming approach that usually focuses on the early hours and days of the product over the long-term.

Secondly, we need to counter-balance inflation (a necessary mechanism for yield platforms) by having users stake & hold the native token for pre-determined time periods and so reduce sell-side volatility bursts.

We wanted to create a mechanism for rewarding behaviors that contribute to the sustainability of the platform by solving the above two points, and Moneytime.finance is the product of these goals in mind.

On the surface, it‘s a yield platform like any other. But in reality, the tokenomics are set up in such a way that it will look and operate differently from the rest of the marketplace.

In short, we believe Moneytime has amazing product-market fit, that will not only be rewarding for our own users but also for Binance Smart Chain as a whole!

CryptoGirlfriend: I love yield farming. It is my thing in DeFi. I am always looking for the long-term farms that I can continue to use for long periods of time. So this is very interesting to me.

Lorenzo: Wait to see the tokenEconomic! 😊

CryptoGirlfriend: I would like to know more about the specific tokenomics. It looks like you have 2 different tokens?

Lorenzo: Yes, in MoneyTime we have 2 tokens : $Time & $Money. $Time doesn’t have value or trading purpose, it’s what we call a “Tool Token”. To be able to earn $MONEY reward, you need to stake $TIME token. 

Stake $TIME earn $MONEY

The token economic of MoneyTime is different from a classic farming system. Here the rewards are “delayed” to avoid excessive compound and massive sell pressure. What we call Price positive token is the results of a study of a specific token economic build on Delayed reward, BuyBack, Burn, and Smart fees redistribution. 

We are not going to provide liquidity but we are going to proceed to a fair launch with a PreFarm session 48h before $MONEY POOL opening so users can directly add liquidity. Every transaction of $MONEY token lock 2.5% in liquidity forever and every time users deposit or withdraw from farming pool, liquidity is locked and $MONEY token burned from buy back.

CryptoGirlfriend: Cause we all know TIME is MONEY!

Lorenzo: ⏳TimePools where you stake $TIME for earn $MONEY. invest your time

Lorenzo: Stakings pool for earn $TIME and/or $MONEY. fees here participate to buy back and burn $MONEY and redistributed to MoneyPools LP providers.

CryptoGirlfriend: I’m so excited to watch new creative tokenomics being developed as BSC and DeFi matures.

CryptoGirlfriend: What are some of the advantages and benefits that MoneyTime provides to holders?

Clutch Money: The tokenomic of MoneyTime Finance are designed on a long-term view thanks to our implementation of the ‘time component’. Because we’ve designed our reward system to incentivize long-term stakers, liquidity providers and holders, we think we can organically grow our tokens & project to be prosperous for a long-standing time.

The token utility has also it’s importance in terms of sustainability by smart redistribution, anti inflamatory system (buy back & burn), partnership programs and user retention. Our main token $Money would enable user’s to earn other token like BUSD and Partner’s and the redistribution will benefit liquidity providers and stakers.

The more you participate to the MoneyTime ecosystem, the more you are rewarded, boosting user retention to the platform and the token.

Clutch Money:

CryptoGirlfriend: MONEY PRINTER!! Isn’t that everyone’s dream? I like that you actually named it $MONEY PRINTER POOL

Clutch Money:

CryptoGirlfriend: Hopefully it does what it says! So what long-term marketing strategies does MoneyTime have in place to make investors feel comfortable that the project will last?


Clutch Money: Our strategy in terms of marketing with MoneyTime is to keep a balance between bringing new user’s and support/inform all user’s. One thing the team has noticed in the BSC ecosystem is that new project’s often fails to clearly inform it’s users about their project features and utility. Therefore in MoneyTime we are making making a marketing campaign with a serie of AMA, Airdrop Program and contest to come, to attract new user’s and also keep them informed about our features with intuitive content.

Our time pools section, with short or long term delayed reward enable’s a clear user retention for the project. Stakers in the most profitable long term $Time pool’s shall be keen to stay and shill the project and even gain more on their $Money rewards to earn $BUSD, more $Money or tokens from partners.

In terms of investors trust, transparency and security is key. We have already shared all wallet address distributing fee’s and we will continue to keep our development fully transparent. We also have multiple audit’s to come in terms of security.

CryptoGirlfriend: Education and marketing is so important, so glad to hear you are planning to do a lot things in this area for sustainability!

You mentioned security and security is always an investor’s primary concern with any new project. What security measures or audits have you done to ensure everything is SAFU?

Clutch Money: Yes support to the community is such an important aspect often overviewed by most of project.

Lorenzo: Transparency and security is key for any project in this ecosystem. As many we believe that DeFi has a bright future ahead of itself, but like everything it needs time to keep developing. We have witnessed some archaic actions these past few months firstly with the rugpull’s wave, than with hacking and flash loans problems. The MoneyTime team have kept a close look in the whole defi ecosystem since month’s and although we are sure of it’s bright future, we are still in a early stage. That’s why in MoneyTime after having developed our tokenomics complexity which is implemented for the project to thrive for years, our main concern was with the security and transparency of the platform. Early on we partnered with IceCream Swap, who were among the first to be victim of a big scale hack, but also they were the first to have implemented to remove migratory functions in their codes. They helped us a lot in building a security layer for our contracts and it was an enriching experience. We hope that together along with more and more partners, we can collaborate to build a really secure BSC ecosystem.

We have already shared all wallet address distributing fee’s for complete transparancy and we also have other audit’s to come along the way to ensure our platform full security even after launch. We are in contact with auditor like Certik and others auditor, we are trying to have an audit ready for launch but since we are still working on the contract at the moment and still testing on testnet we cant start the audit yet, so we believe the audit may be available probably a few days after launch. We will try the best for have it for the launch, We always incite users to review the code and take time to read properly about the tokeneconomic and fees . and dont forget to DYOR and stay safe using crypto currency smartcontract is always a risk!

CryptoGirlfriend: Great, so when do you plan to launch?

Lorenzo: We hope around 15 June but official date to be confirmed very soon, we are in testnet right now😊

CryptoGirlfriend: That’s coming up pretty soon!

Is there anything else you want to tell us about your project before we open up the chat for questions?


Clutch Money: Well if you want be early for the PreFarming don’t forget to join our telegram group! https://t.me/MoneyTimeFinance


CryptoGirlfriend: Please list any other links to any of your socials or websites so everyone knows where to find you.


CryptoGirlfriend: Okay, I’m going to open up the chat for a few minutes so everyone can post their questions. Once we give them about 5 mins for their questions, you can select the top 5 you want to answer.

CryptoGirlfriend: OKAY CHAT IS MUTED AGAIN. Thank you for submitting so many great questions.

CryptoGirlfriend: @AstraLorenzo and @ClutchMoneyTime please select 5 questions to respond to. Your choice!

Clutch Money: Yes thanks to everyone for the questions 🙌

Community Question #1

Jean Pierre Hernandez🛸: What are the strategies that the development team expects to implement in the project to make it a viable long-term high performance project for the users interested in it?

Lorenzo: Our time pools section, with short or long term delayed reward enables a clear user retention for the project. Stakers in the most profitable long term $Time pool’s shall be keen to stay and shill the project and even gain more on their $Money rewards to earn $BUSD, more $Money or tokens from partners. The long term social benefit of this is users who have their rewards delayed for a specific time period are more likely to promote the token and play more active roles within the community: it’s in their own self-interest to protect their investment. Read more in our Medium article.


Our strategy in terms of marketing with MoneyTime is to keep a balance between bringing new user’s and support/inform all users, Therefore in MoneyTime we are making making a marketing campaign with a series of AMA, Airdrop Program and contests to come, to attract new users and also keep them informed about our features with intuitive content.

Community Question #2

Jason: Partnership and community are the key to the success of projects, can you tell me how you  will expand the partnership and which markets will focus on?

Clutch Money: Partnership and collaboration are important for the MoneyTime team because it gives the opportunity to grow together and bring more to the DeFi space. We believe collaboration is the way to stay sustainable and become a reference in DeFi space. This is why we think that marketing and communication are important to work this is why we are working on the

Airdrop Initial Program Partner 🙁https://moneytime.gitbook.io/timeismoney-fi/project-overview/partnership-program-+airdrop).

We already have 2 partners regarding this program, IceCreamSwap and TinVille, we are still looking for partner and more are coming soon before launch. The goal with this program its too give the opportunity to others users to try the farming system with delayed reward features and bring more visibility on the project and the innovative tokenomics. We know users don’t like Airdrop this is why, we thought about a Marketing way using Airdrop but without hurting the tokenomics or money holders! Our marketing partnership consist of Airdrop of $Time token to others project holders so they can stake $Time to earn $Money! But here’s the thing, you can harvest your $Money reward in TimeBool by staking $TIME, but after you collect your rewards 100% of your $TIME token are burned, so you need to go in farming pool, add liquidity and earn $TIME again!

We believe partnership are important, what we want as marketing and communication strategy its that $Money farmers can already earn others token project by staking the LP in others platform like Tinville or IceCreamswap for the moment, more partner participate to initial airdrop more platform are accesisble to money farmers for earn a Token Partner! We believe the way to go its to give multiple use case to $MONEY token.

Time is Money!

Lorenzo: Partnership are important and community also but the main problem it’s hard to make partnership without hurt the tokenomics and by so hurting the community also. So we believe the token economic of MoneyTime can fix this, because for partner with project most of the time when you are a young project you must provide X amount in usd to the partner staking pools and their users can dump. This is why we are reaching serious project to offers them some $TIME token for the launch in exchange we will ask for a pool MONEY/BNB so moneytime users can earn other token partner just at the launch! (we will also open a pool for them to earn $time in farming pools). With MoneyTime tokenomic partner users can’t hardly dump $TIME because the token have no value or trading purpose but they can STAKE IT  to earn $MONEY token in TimePools but to access to the reward they must burn 100% of their $TIME stake token so their users cannot excessive dump! we believe this is a great exposure marketing without hurting too much the tokenomic because users partner can experiment MoneyTime farming system. we already have 2 partnership regarding the $TIME airdrop program at the prefarming session with IceCreamSwap.finance and tinville.finance where $MONEY lp providers can earn token partner there at the launch!

Community Question #3

Jean Pierre Hernandez🛸: I read that the project has implemented two tokens and these are the main token $MONEY and the utility token $TIME, this is quite peculiar, but could you explain briefly what are the use cases of both tokens and how do these tokens differ?

Lorenzo: The problem that we saw with new project, even if the project is serious, non friendly users that come just to farm and dump can seriously hurt the project. This is why we believe token economic is very important, we did analyse on the behavior of users in farming project and we are trying to do something different by trying to fix the mistake that we see in regular farming project. One problem that we notice is users that excessive compound and don’t bring any outside asset but just recycle from the pool by selling half for bnb and add to his position. with moneytime this is very hard because user add liquidity and earn the tool token $TIME then must stake $time for for earn $MONEY. if user want to collect the reward he must burn 100% of his $TIME stake by unstaking after the reward are unlocked. so after accessing to your reward you must go back and add liquidity for earn more $TIME… Every interactions with moneytime smart contract are burning $money token and lock liquidity forever. we believe this is a community work to stabilise the price and bring trust to investors. we believe that users that are the most rewarded are users that provide liquidity in MONEY POOLS! every transactions money liquidity providers receive 2.5% of every transactions and total of 2.9% from farming and deposit fees! Money lp providers share a total of 5.9% of all deposit fees from moneytime!

Community Question #4

Akii Boy: Is there any airdrop , bounty program for your community ?

Clutch Money: Yes! We want to bootstrap our ecosystem as we prepare the main launch of MoneyTime. So, in order to get the network effect working in our favor, we want to reward ALL holders of our partnership projects with an airdrop of $TIME tokens!

For the moment GLTO & TINVS holders will be eligible for the $TIME token airdrop for the pre farming LAUNCH. More partners to be announced!


Community Question #5

Kang Engkus: The project is funded and created by a team originally building DeFi on Ethereum, 

What is the reason for you to drop off Ethereum blockchain and start the project with the Binance Smart Chain?

Is there any plan for build your project on another platform such as Heco, Polygon or Ethereum ( ETH fee low gas fee now) ?

Clutch Money: Yes originally it was mainly because of ETH fees because we started working on the project since already some months now. But also a reason is that we were eager to change crowds from eth and bring something new to the BSC community. We believe that there is a great crowd here in BSC and a great potential more largely in the ecosystem. We are also thinking about exploring the Polygon Network (MATIC) and eventually develop there.

CryptoGirlfriend: Thank you @AstraLorenzo and @ClutchMoneyTime for being here today! Please join their TG to continue to ask more questions at https://t.me/moneytimefinance – If your questions was selected, please send me your BSC addy for your prize!

I will now open the chat back up.

Lorenzo: Thank you @CryptoGrlfriend 👍👍

Clutch Money: Thanks!

Lorenzo: Thank you all for participating!