June 8, 2023
Polygon News

Number of Unique Polygon Addresses Exceeds 100M

On October 17, Polygon Network‘s total number of unique addresses surpassed 100 million for the first time. The full-stack scaling solution network has grown at an exponential rate from June 2021’s commencement, and this marks a significant increase. There are now 100,720,280 distinct addresses in existence.

The network has achieved several significant milestones in the previous months. A few weeks ago, the total number of daily active addresses surpassed the total in Ethereum. Polygon’s scaling solutions have rapidly made it a cornerstone of the cryptocurrency industry, with over 351,000 daily active addresses at that point.

Because of its solutions, Polygon has seen rapid development thanks to low gas costs and increased transaction volume. Many initiatives have flocked to it to fine-tune their networks. Polygon has received financing from a variety of sources, and the company’s growth prospects seem much greater in the future.

The network’s technological advancements have sped up in 2021, but they haven’t been flawless. Since the increase in gas costs to prevent spam transactions, the number of Polygon transactions has decreased by half.