March 31, 2023
Polygon News

OKcoin Lists Polygon MATIC (& TMFA NFTs)

Polygon’s native token MATIC lists on OKcoin exchange as of September 1 (2021).  

MATIC Listed on OKcoin

Polygon’s native MATIC token is now listed on OKcoin exchange w.e.f. September 1 (2021). The listing also brings with it a special series of Polygon-minted NFT releases. The Most Famous Artist (TMFA) Community’s 10 exclusive NFTs hail from its 10 stellar members. These members are Vasco Velazquez, Bernie McCabe, Anna Slaughter, Sandy Wu, Morgan Flatt, Mars Eve, Natasha Extract, Narineh Seferian, and Gino Burman-Loffredo. The TMFA’s NFT contributing artists and its founding expert Matty Mo. These Polygon-minted NFTs are currently on sale on OpenSea via ETH.

You can now buy, sell, and trade MATIC on the OKcoin exchange (plus iOS and Android apps). OKCoin exchange is “the fastest growing global cryptocurrency exchange—with the lowest fees around. It brings your entire portfolio at your fingertips. Just get verified, funded, and start tracking your assets across multiple screens. OKcoin offers a diverse set of tools for new investors and professional investors. OKcoin offers offline storage, (24/7) transaction monitoring, and multi-factor encryption. Bid adieu to transaction downtime with OKcoin exchange.

Buy MATIC token on OKcoin.

Okcoin’s deep commitment to offering only the finest cryptocurrencies when coupled with Polygon MATIC’s top standards offers assets’ utility assessments. Robust technology and justified governance frameworks boost sustained technology adoption. Polygon Network’s technology competence pertaining to initiating swift DeFi transactions with low gas fee would thrive on OKcoin.

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