March 28, 2023
Polygon News

OKEx Implements The Fiat Gateway Bitbns For Traders In India

An Indian crypto wallet and exchange platform, Bitbns has teamed up with global cryptocurrency exchange OKEx to provide Indian crypto consumers in the area with more flexible trading options. OKEx and Bitbns have partnered to provide its customers free blockchain transfers through the Matic-Polygon ecosystem.

This collaboration will provide consumers with access to trading tools/options that have hitherto been unavailable to Indian cryptocurrency users. Users may now buy crypto in INR trading pairs like $USDT, $AAVE, and $MATIC, and can make use of the full range of trading features offered on both exchanges. Together with Bitbns, OKEx aims to provide Indian traders with a unique fiat gateway, a diverse selection of fresh INR trading pairs, priority access to new coin/token releases, and high-yield staking products.

OKEx is one of the world’s largest bitcoin futures and cryptocurrency exchanges, having a global reach and user base. Its latest expansion into South Africa and India seeks to empower the crypto community with next-generation crypto trading tools, security, and technology. As evidence of its vision, OKEx processes billions of dollars in daily trading volume, providing an ideal environment for high liquidity and strong server infrastructures. Bitbns’s deep rootedness in the Indian crypto industry, with over 3 million users throughout the country, attests to the platform’s high liquidity and security.

Users will also get access to a variety of different trading tools offered on OKEx as a result of the integration. Indian customers may now effortlessly purchase cryptocurrency on OKEx via bank transfers thanks to the integration with Bitbns.