June 8, 2023
Polygon News

OpenSea Set to Sail Swift on Polygon

The Polygon-OpenSea NFT Efficiency

Famous peer-to-peer NFT marketplace OpenSea will now host its rare digital items and crypto collectibles on Polygon. OpenSea users can now expect swift and affordable transactions—a classic Polygon Network feature. OpenSea-Polygon integration would give enhanced NFT access to the entire world. It also makes seamless the buying and minting of NFTs, simply owing low gas fees on Polygon. OpenSea can pay for the gas expenses even via offering free transactions for users. Users require gas fees only for transferring ETH funds to Polygon.

Users can also perform the following actions:

  1. Perform lazy minting (allowing creators to make NFTs without instantly paying gas fees).
  2. Do NFT payments in ETH, DAI, or USDC
  3. Purchase Polygon NFTs in fixed-price sales
  4. Send and receive Polygon NFT offers

The UX for the users accessing OpenSea on Polygon matches with the ones using OpenSea with Ethereum. Polygon NFTs and Ethereum NFTs are viewable on the users’ profile. Transaction details can also be viewed via PolygonScan.

Finding NFT items on Polygon

NFT enthusiasts can simply follow these steps to find NFT items on Polygon:

  1. Visit the OpenSea website, navigate to the chains section on the left side panel to opt for Polygon. To enable easy identification, users can identify Polygon’s purple hexagon, the Polygon logo (placed at NFT items’ lower-left corner)
  1. Simply unlock the preferred currency, provide a signature to the message to then check out with an item for which ETH was deposited into a wallet.

Polygon x OpenSea Data Talk

Data from Dune Analytics states that in September 2021, 272,357 traders were active on OpenSea on Polygon. In the same month, OpenSea on Polygon managed to sell approximately 838,000 NFTs. 77% of transactions for Polygon on OpenSea amounted to below US$100 in value—boosting the platform’s popularity across customer segments. OpenSea has a vast growth potential still left to tap. The volume of NFTs sold on Polygon rose comparative to Ethereum with 49% OpenSea on Polygon transactions in September 2021.