March 28, 2023
Polygon News

Panther and Polygon Are Pushing DeFi Privacy Boundaries

Polygon, the Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution, has announced a collaboration with Panther Protocol. The collaboration will concentrate on privacy in the realm of decentralized banking. The two organizations collaborating alongside projects built on Polygon to create privacy features that empower its end users.

Panther is built on Polygon’s least viable product and also seeks to create an interoperability framework that allows for selective data security and compliance with the Polygon network. Along with technical assistance, Polygon will assist Panther in collaborating with other projects in the community to create privacy features that end users may use. It will advance the goal of establishing a clear route to private and interoperable DeFi for enterprises and Fintech firms.

The ultimate aim is to provide the Polygon network with selective disclosure methods that are both compliant and interoperable. Polygon will offer technical assistance and will assist Panther in collaborating with other projects within its ecosystem in exchange.

A possible use case is to aid in the development of privacy features that empower end-users. Polygon will support Panther’s goal of providing a clear route to compliant and private DeFi for Fintech and institutions. To emphasize, both parties have made their positions on the importance of privacy as a fundamental human right very apparent.