March 28, 2023
Polygon News

PolyCon2021 – Day One Recap

Things are off to a great start at PolyCon2021! Props to PolyDoge! We checked in with their team to get a daily recap. While the team had a handful of issues to work out with regards to tech glitches, the day overall went really smooth. With a recorded attendee count of over one thousand, PolyCon2021 has set the bar high for the next two days and future crypto conferences.

PolyCon Day One

Daily Agenda

PolyCon2021 brought together Polygon projects in single virtual immersion experience, something that has never been done before for the Polygon community. Before I dive into the some highlights, here was the agenda for today. As you can see there were many AMAs and opportunities to network with some of Polygon’s leading projects.

Virtual Immersion Experience – Gaming Inspiration

Attending a conference is always an interesting experience. You never know what to expect. PolyCon2021 was hosted via the Gamerjibe App, essentially creating a virtual game world where the attendee is an avatar walking around to different booths and engaging in various activities. Attendees were also able to deck themselves out in sponsored outfits, varying from moustaches, to carrying a cute koala, to even wearing branded shirts. The avatar customization allowed for more personal interactions with vendors and allowed PolyDoge to capitalize on attendee’s gaming interests. Overall, a very unique experience that not many conferences have done before.


The PolyDoge AMA was short but sweet. PolyDoge discussed the new sponsorship of the Las Vegas’ Official eSports Team: The Las Vegas Inferno as well as the new PolyDoge Cards NFT project, which sold out in a couple hours just last week.

The Fomo Chronicles AMA was awesome! They announced they have a game coming down the pipeline, so be on the lookout.

The real highlight was the last panel of the day; the Defi Panel on Disrupting Traditional Finance. Heads of the largest Polygon projects were in attendance; ApeSwap, CremePieSwap, Ferrum, CrystlFinance, QuickSwap, and Unifarm. It was amazing to hear their thoughts on how Defi has changed our world today, what is coming in the future, and how everyone around the world will be impacted–hopefully for good. Truly an inspiring interview and put Polygon in perspective to the overall crypto space.

On the fun side of things, the Mini-Golf, Fish Pond, Cornhole, and Crystal Scavenger Hunt Tournaments have begun and will go throughout the weekend. Attendees can play to win prizes from some of the top projects at the event! If mini-golfing with your customized avatar doesn’t entice you to attend, I don’t know what will.

Final Thoughts

PolyCon2021 is filled with a variety of panels, booths, games, NFTs, and more. With Polygon growing every single day, it’s important for the Polygon community to stick together and support one another. The passion the PolyDoge team has for PolyCon2021 and Polygon is incredible. We are incredibly humbled to cover PolyCon2021 and hope the event continues to be successful the next couple of days. Keep an eye out for recaps of Day 2 and 3.