March 29, 2023
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PolyCon2021 – Day Three Recap

PolyCon2021 has officially ended and what an eventful three days! With the growing success of the Polygon blockchain, networking and partnerships are crucial. The Polygon community was finally given a chance to connect in a single virtual venue. I’ve said this in other recaps, but I was absolutely blown away by all the hard work PolyDoge put into organizing an event of this scale. Developing a venue with Gamerjibe, to reaching out to projects to attend, to scheduling speakers and panelists, to designing exciting games and fun for attendees, to promoting the event, to maintaining their own Polygon project, I can’t even begin to think of how stressful it all was. It came together and with the support of everyone in the Polygon community, PolyCon2021 was a complete success.

PolyCon2021 Day Three

Day Three of PolyCon2021 was another day packed full of panels & AMAs. Today’s focus was on cryptocurrency itself, with thought-provoking panels on Crypto Trends in a Post-Pandemic World as well as the future of cryptocurrency and the metaverse. Check out the final day’s agenda below.


The day began with a Keynote Speech by Jason Kovar, CEO of GameStation. He spoke about security and integrity in the world of cryptocurrency and the huge need for people who wish to provide the best innovative solutions to various problems for the crypto ecosystem. This discussion was definitely needed as the crypto world faces security concerns everyday. The decentralized finance environment fosters innovation and creativity, yet that can be exploited at anytime. What can we do as a community and developers to protect that space?

Todays AMAs included Dogira and UniFarm. Up first was Dogira. Dogira’s commitment to providing users the best experience in blockchain gaming through crypto integration was one of the big highlights. But their major announcement came in the launch of their V2 (version 2) of their coin on Polygon earlier today! What great timing! I love it when a project can promote themselves in a well-timed manner.

Next was UniFarm. UniFarm provides a platform that enables value creation for investors where they can stake one token and earn multiple tokens as reward. It was especially interesting to learn about their revenue model in that UniFarm earns through listing fees. They do not charge any staking or unstaking fees, which means that users will only pay for gas fees. This amounts to more money directly going to its users. More money going to an investor like me? Sign me up!

The last day of PolyCon 2021 included an awards ceremony presented by Matic News, who ran the PolyCon 2021 People’s Choice Awards. Conference attendees and the crypto community as a whole had the opportunity to vote throughout the three day conference. With awards given out for things like Best Token Bridge, Best Community, and/or Best NFT. The Awards Ceremony concluded with a Capstone Speech by the PolyDoge CEO, Patrick, who thanked everyone involved in making PolyCon 2021 a success event.

The last day also saw the end of the sponsored tournaments.

And last but not least, the Closing Party in the PolyDoge Party Room had attendees dancing with their avatars and enjoying themselves. As you can see below, people seem to be enjoying themselves. Nothing says fun like partying it up in a moustache, cool hat, or fancy sunglasses!

Final Thoughts

PolyCon2021 was truly an amazing experience. Hearing from so many different Polygon projects was truly a treat. The Polygon community came together to lift each other up and grow in the Polygon ecosystem. The blockchain is growing and will continue to thrive as long as there is a strong community. I don’t think Polygon needs to worry.

Thank you again to PolyDoge for all that they’ve done to facilitate this event and allowing PolygonTimes to cover it. I wish you as well all the other projects success in the future.