June 8, 2023
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PolyCon2021 – Day Two Recap

What an eventful day at PolyCon2021! So many great projects in attendance, the amount of networking and knowledge transfer is incredible. I keep being blown away by the hard work of PolyDoge. They are so great to work with. This conference is like no other before. The Polygon ecosystem hasn’t had a chance to be in one space together. PolyDoge successfully created that space. I sat down with the team to gather insights on day two of PolyCon2021.

PolyCon2021 Day Two

Day two was a complete success. Unlike day one, everything ran smoother and there were far less technical issues. Today was centered around Gaming & NFTs with some packed panels & AMAs. With such a variety of items on the agenda, attendees were given a valuable experience. Check out the agenda below.


Keynote Speaker, Franky Nines of Sup Ducks, was a major highlight. He announced that Sup Ducks was putting together an actual game on Polygon that will launch in the near future! A truly amazing announcement from an amazing artist. Polygon gaming is definitely growing and I’m excited for the future. Gaming appeals to a lot of people, so blend that together with crypto and business, and a real gem could rise.

Gembites announced a new game in conjunction with PolyDoge that will come out later this year. They have a long road map to create several casino-type games on their platform! Casinos, gambling, and potential-to-earn real $$ rewards, sign me up!

Black Market Gaming‘s AMA was really interesting as they discussed their blockchain integration. Coming down the line is an integration where you can trade in-game accessories. They also spoke about the eSports association they are developing. The didn’t say too much about it, but gave a sneak peek!

Both the Gaming Panel and the NFT Panel were highlights of the day. Both panels ran for about an hour each, which was twice as long as they were supposed to, a good thing though! The conversations were focused on what is happening now and what we see coming in the immediate future.

The Gaming Panel talked a bit about how with cryptocurrency integration you will be able to win actual money playing some of these games online that people play in their spare time. The NFT Panel talked about how the not only the art world, but also the gaming world is becoming an NFT collector’s paradise, and how all of the gaming accessories that you collect together now, will hold value on the blockchain. With the way that people are able to buy/sell/trade, NFTs have become a creative gateway to building an online economy.

The ongoing tournaments have been really popular. People are hoping to be one of the top winners at the end and go home with one of the amazing prize packages from the sponsoring projects. For example, you can obtain an exclusive NFT from CrystlFinance by partaking in the scavenger hunt. That’s pretty cool. Especially with how valuable NFTs are.

Final Thoughts

Day Two of PolyCon2021 delivered on its gaming focus. The panels were engaging and really provided some exciting games down the line for the Polygon community. I am so amazed by the the dedication of PolyDoge to make sure everything stays on schedule and runs as smoothly as possible. This team is incredible. My favorite part of the whole conference so far is seeing all the decked out avatars in various sponsored outfits. There’s one more day of PolyCon2021. Don’t miss out on all this fun and learn about amazing projects in the Polygon ecosystem.