March 29, 2023
Polygon News

Polygon and GuardianLink Have Teamed Up

GuardianLink, a No-Code NTF platform for the creation and deployment of curated NFTs, has announced a technological collaboration with Polygon, Ethereum’s Internet of Blockchain networks, to improve the efficiency and hyper-real standards of the NFT sphere globally. The NFT ecosystem’s current and future importance will almost certainly increase because of this collaboration.

Create your NFT Marketplace

With its high-end validity protocol and no-code NFT launchpad, Guardian makes it easy for developers to get their NFT platform up and running. By using their own templates and smart contract administration, participants can publish, mint, preview, and administer NFTs entirely independently. Artists and companies may create their NFTs using a UI-driven platform that manages royalties rights automatically, has an Anti.Rip AI spyder engine, and seamlessly integrates payment methods. As previously stated, these are the platform’s ground-breaking solutions for streamlining industry-wide problems.

This alliance between Polygon and GuardianLink, with its special characteristics, will usher in a new era of technology. As a consequence, a safe, interoperable, scalable, and adaptive environment is created, enabling artists and businesses to realize the monetary worth of their work. High-speed and low-cost transactions on Polygon will be a huge benefit to the platform’s users.

Polygon will collaborate with GuardianLink as a technology partner to make use of the potential of NFTs and offer a premier platform for content producers all around the world. High efficiency, security, and scalability are all hallmarks of this new technology. Furthermore, this extensible architecture gives the NFT platform room to expand while also ensuring that it runs smoothly and without any hiccups. Because of the legitimacy framework provided by GuardianLink and Polygon, NFTs will be trusted across markets and blockchains.