March 29, 2023
Polygon News

Polygon Creator Discusses the NFT Movement and Market Regulations

Polygon, is a community developed by Jaynti Kanani, Sandeep Nailwal, and Anurag Arjun. Polygon hopes to circumvent the Ethereum ecosystem’s constraints of low throughput, poor UX, and lack of sovereignty through the use of architecture that would not only link to Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks but also include an alternative for security-as-a-service.

A freewheeling discussion with DQ DeepTech finds Sandeep Nailwal talking about the NFT movement and how companies like Polygon are affected by regulatory instability. This article provides a summary of the discussion.

What strategies are you using to capitalize on the NFT buzz?

Polygon is by far the largest platform when seen from the NFT perspective, OpenSea and many NFT Wallets have been included as well. This NFT craze is encouraging a growing number of developers to create these useful apps, which is great news for us since it increases our market share.

What are your thoughts on the current regulatory uncertainty surrounding Blockchain, Crypto, and FinTech?

Uncertainty is unavoidable since many Indian entrepreneurs are emigrating, and in the Blockchain industry, “Brain Drain” is a common occurrence. In other words, you aren’t designing the product specifically for Indian consumers. A good deal of software engineers have left India and are now working remotely from other countries. The Indian government must realize that anybody may move out of India easily already, and with this level of uncertainty, any blockchain entrepreneur would find it very difficult to remain in India.

What are the future and challenges of the Polygon network?

There is a lack of skilled workers, although it is not a significant problem because India is home to an enormous number of software engineers. We have more developers than several small European nations combined. We’re the world’s largest manufacturer of softwares. More and more individuals are becoming intrigued by and drawn to this new technology, and many of them wish to contribute to the development of innovative new solutions.