March 31, 2023
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Polygon Network: Grants Hackathon is Live—$100K to Win

Attention Developers!! Get ready to #BUIDLitForAll with Polygon & DoraHacks.

The Polygon-Grants Hackathon (Live Now!)

Polygon Network has recently announced an online Grants Hackathon in cooperation with DoraHacks. The prize pool to win is $100,000. With registrations live on August 30 (2021), the Grants Hackathon is aiming to attract novel (innovative) ideas from around the globe. Polygon-Grants Hackathon is debuting as a Polygon-centric hackathon with quadratic funding grant aimed at growing the Polygon ecosystem.

Developers can jumpstart their projects whilst enjoying support from the (sponsoring) industry stalwarts: Chainlink Labs, HashKey Capital, Furucombo, Protocol Labs, Covalent, ParaSwap, QiDao, Biconomy, Balancer Labs, TOPS LABS LTD, etc.

The hackathon will be judged by the crypto industry biggies: Sandeep Nailwal (Founder, Polygon), Sun He (Co-Founder, ND Labs), Austin Griffith (Builder, Ethereum), Mounir Benchemled (Founder, ParaSwap), Michael O’Rourke (CEO, Pocket Network), to name a few. Organized in association with DoraHacks (one of the most active developer communities of the world). The hackathon is hosted on an open-source developer platform and curation market, HackerLink.

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What’s in it for Developers?

The Developers Happy Hours (DHH) make Polygon-Grants Hackathon absolutely special for the developers. In the DHH, Developers will network and brainstorm with other developers in workshops by Alchemy, Tenderly, Figment , GetBlock, ND LABS, ArGoApp, etc.

Register for the Polygon-Grants Hackathon, find your #BUIDL buddy, build together.

Polygon (a developer-focused full-stack scaling platform), committed to composability, has set eyes on “DeFi for masses.” Together, this mix of aims and objectives would garner tremendous growth to the Polygon platform. Defi, NFTs, gaming, or crypto exchange composability, developers have a variety of alternatives to shape their innovations with Polygon. By opting to #BUIDL on the Polygon Network. Developers can benefit from unlimited funding and coverage across the marketing channels of Polygon. 

Ideas to #BUIDL

A couple of ideas for developers pitched by the Polygon Network on its Medium blog post for the Grants Hackathon:

  1. Polygon ↔ Flow Bridge: To act as a bridge for transferring funds to and from Flow Blockchain to Polygon.
  2. NFT Bridges: NFT Bridges / Minters for cross-chain NFT movements.
  3. Polygon NFT Minter functionalities’ addition
  4. Game Development Tools / Engine Plugins: Easing Polygon integration with gaming

Although a variety of ideas are invited, with more innovative ideas falling in, composability, adoption, scaling and interoperability for dApps on Polygon will get boosted.

Funding Pools: Quadratic & VC Funding

The allocation of the prize pool will be done via votes from the Polygon community. These votes will be executed via on-chain quadratic voting and by assigned judges.

The two funding types:

  1. Quadratic Funding: It quadruples donations meant to fund public goods in communities. In it, a project’s received amount is equally matched and donated. Here in, an extra grant pool is calculated via the quadratic funding formula. With Polygon’s native MATIC token used as the official currency, the projects will be matched from a $50K grant pool. Voting will also happen on the Polygon Network.
  1. VC Funding: The VC partners include Fundamental Labs,, Spark Digital Capital, Jsquare, SevenX Ventures, and more. This eminent group of VCs would tremendously benefit the Web3 community projects in the Polygon Network ecosystem.

Application Details

  1. Simply log in to, click on Grant, then Polygon Grant, to apply.
  1. The Polygon Grant telegram group chat offers the latest event details. Developers not having projects yet can also join and form a group to shape ideas into projects.
  1. Avoiding fake projects’ participation in the prize pool is a must. Contact the Hacker Link TG for project verification.


Hacker Registration & Project Submission: August 30th — Oct 22, 2021

Voting period : October 1 — October 22

Judge Voting: October 23rd — October 29th

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