June 8, 2023
Polygon News

Polygon Network Makes ‘a minor tweak’ To Combat Spam

he recent series of scams in the crypto community has highlighted the need for the security of funds. It doesn’t matter how user-friendly a crypto DeFi platform or exchange is if users end up losing their crypto assets to hacks. To combat security issues on the Polygon network, there was a minor tweak to the gas price.

The increase to the minimum gas price on the Polygon ecosystem is a step in targeting spam transactions on the network. The Polygon network now has a minimum gas fee of 30 gwei; the original minimum gas price on the network was 1 gwei. This is an extreme increase in gas fee but when compared to the Ethereum network’s gas fee it is highly insignificant.

The Polygon network has been trending a lot recently, sometimes because of positive reasons and few times because of reports of hacks and spams transactions on the network. With the increased minimum gas price, the network can reduce spam transactions and improve its performance.

Although the lower gas price has been one of the selling points for growth on the Polygon network, this is a necessary step to ensure that the polygon network fulfills its security promises to its users. Preventing fraud has risen to the top of the priority list in every ecosystem. By increasing the cost of gas, such occurrences would become much more difficult to perpetrate, since spam transactions would become more expensive.