March 31, 2023
Polygon News

Polygon Network Welcomes Knightlands RPG Game

Easy-to-learn, hard to master. Brace for Knightlands on the Polygon Network

Knightlands RPG Game on the Polygon Network

“Play Knightlands and earn crypto without the initial investment.” Welcome Knightlands on the Polygon Network. Polygon users can earn $FLESH tokens to sell via DEX. Dividends can also generate earnings for you in Knightlands. When players initiate purchases, they tend to add to the dividends pool funding. While initially Knightlands will share 50% of the in-game-used funds. This ratio would soar slowly with the game’s purchase volume momentum. Knightlands allows players to earn dividends (ETH, MATIC). Seasonal staking offers everyone a fair earning chance. Slain monsters to get wealthy! Knightlands has NFTs, enhanced classes, guilds, and kingdom lands in its roadmap.

Polygon is actively hosting various blockchain-based web 3.0 games and NFT platforms. Given that it has a plethora of gaming and NFT dapps (over 300+). Together, Polygon and Knightlands are set to bolster the ecosystem.

Knightlands RPG Game: Features

Knightlands is an online role-playing (play-to-earn) game in the alpha testing mode on the Goerli network. It operates on an integrated blockchain technology. You can build a real-world economy in the game and create a unique gameplay. You can also earn dividends, tokens and tokenized items to trade via various blockchain marketplaces and exchanges. Knighlands is a simple game loaded with multiple features to your surprise. There are trading, dividends, and seasonal rewards pools, as well.

Collect hundreds of items, partner with your friends to defeat via EPIC raids. Develop and better your gear, and do much more. A crypto RPG game with profit sharing. Quests, raids, crafting, and more, play Knightlands to earn $FLESH and $ASH tokens. $FLESH & $ASH are ERC20 tokens. Group raids earn players the $FLESH tokens, staking $FLESH tokens earns players $ASH tokens. $ASH tokens help players in upgrading items and achieve higher tiers. Players can quest for new allies (community connect) and fight foes together (with new friends). 

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