March 28, 2023
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Polygon PoS’ Aug. – Sept., ‘21 Growth Trends Peak


Polygon PoS’ Engagement Growth at an ATH for the second consecutive week

Polygon PoS’ Engagement Rises Sharply

Polygon PoS’ (Proof-of-Stake) growth trajectory achieves a new milestone in September 2021. In the 1st week of September, Polygon PoS touched an all-time-high (ATH) Daily Active Users’ (DAUs) week-over-week (w-o-w) growth of 16.64%. Polygon PoS’ DAUs grew 0.73% in the second week of September with 177,330 daily active addresses. 

Per Polygon’s blog, comparing its user statistics with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum present an interesting story. Polygon, for the third week in a row, “saw users over 30% of Ethereum (34.44%).” Polygon PoS cut across 20% (20.82%) since mid-July compared to BSC.

This week, Polygon PoS’ daily transactions rose for the 5th straight week with a w-o-w growth of 9.22%. Polygon PoS accounts for 6.645mm average daily transactions, “processing 5.4x that of Ethereum and 1.2x that of BSC.” 

Polygon’s new user base went on to post a whopping 59.8% w-o-w growth in the Sept. 6th-12th (2021) week. During this week, 195,496 new users accessed Polygon PoS. This number stood last week at 122,350 new users.

Polygon PoS’ Monetization Grows Healthily

Polygon PoS’ network revenues also touched a fresh ATH. It almost doubled w-o-w essentially due to rising transactions and rising gas cost. This week, daily network revenues stood at $52,649 on a per day basis—rising 90.30%.

The previous weeks’ DAU Engagement and Monetization growth highlights for Polygon are equally impressive. In the  30th Aug.-Sept. 12th week, the daily user engagement number broke the 176,000 mark. Also in the same week, over 122,350 addresses joined the network. In the NFT space, the unique users multiplied 8.45x to reach over 150k from 17.7k. By September 2021, Polygon reports to have multiplied its daily users 22x from April’s 7,970. In the 23rd-29th August week, Polygon PoS had 32.76% of Ethereum’s and 15.72% of BSC’s DAUs. 

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