March 31, 2023
Polygon News

Polygon PoS: Sept. 20 to Sept. 26 (2021) Week Performance

Polygon PoS: Engagement Growth

Polygon Network is shining as its prior active user records are now surpassed. Polygon’s daily active users (DAU) number is 287,723 for the Sept. 20 to Sept. 26 (2021) week. Rising 38.52% on a week-over-week growth, Polygon has for the 5th consecutive week seen its daily DAUs soaring.

This user base rise led Polygon to experience an all-time high (ATH) vis-à-vis Binance Smart Chain (ETH) and Ethereum. During the Sept. 20 to Sept. 26 (2021) week, “Polygon averaged 61.59% of Ethereum’s user base.” That’s a 51.93% rise on a w-o-w basis. Compared to Binance, Polygon PoS enjoyed 25.82% of DAUs, with a 28.47% rise. Lastly, on Sept. 27th (2021), Polygon saw its DAU base soaring above that of Ethereum for the first day. This rise in Polygon’s soaring user base is “propelled by the second largest new cohort size to date.” The previous week, 225,083 new users used Polygon PoS for the first time ever.

With this performance, the 3rd consecutive new user growth week gets official. In the last two months, cohorts stood above 100,000.

This very retention is bettering gradually throughout cohort groups. Even the very first cohorts managed their retention to touch yet another w-o-w betterment, with 21.69%. This means that retention hasn’t fallen for the oldest cohort users in around 4 months (17 weeks). The retention metrics in the latest aggregation of chorts 21-30, see retention soar 20.18%.

This rise in the users resulted in a considerable rise in daily transactions—rising 13.42%. As of now, Polygon PoS is averaging 6.5mm transactions daily, rising gradually in 7 of the previous 8 weeks.

Polygon PoS Monetization Growth

Network revenues tend to be highly volatile. Following a fall of 39.37% in the previous week, revenues rose 26.61% to US$38.7k daily. The reasons behind this being a rise in used gas plus a 28.56% rise in average gas price. Polygon’s average transaction cost stood below a cent, with an average price of US$0.0059.