June 8, 2023
Polygon News

Polygon shows support for company promoting recycling of municipal waste in India using blockchain

Polygon is giving Bollant, an innovative ESG business, a grant to help people with disabilities and marginalization lead more self-sufficient lives. The grant will be used to apply blockchain technology to the city of Hyderabad’s trash disposal practices, providing economic aid to those in need in the city.

Bollant Industries are suppliers of biodegradable goods, such as packaging, and eco-friendly paper. Additionally, they provide adhesives, household goods, printing inks, and organic cutlery-ware. Bollant was founded by Srikanth Bolla, who was born blind, and Bollant has employed over 200 disabled persons in the local community thanks to their sustainable employment programs. This project is one of a group of initiatives that have a positive effect on the environment throughout the world. In addition, this program can assist these communities in gaining financial independence.

With growing ESG projects in the crypto community, the notion of cryptocurrency being just a change to traditional finance has become fairly inaccurate. Rather, it is now a drive to develop a better community where more people are financially independent and safe. This kind gesture is a pleasant reminder of the blockchain financial inclusion concept. We envisage more pioneers in the community as we steer towards building a worldwide network of financial independence.