June 8, 2023
Polygon News

Polygon x Klever Integrate

Klever’s 3+ million users are set to feel scaling empowerment—the Polygon way!


Klever.io believes, “your only limit is you!” With that in mind, the Klever Network has announced its Polygon integration to embrace limitless scaling potential. Top all-in-one cryptocurrency wallet, Klever is built with  a mindset of passion, purpose, and progress. Klever Wallet is the finest alternative available for securely buying and trading prominent cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, ETH, TRX, XRP, & LTC.

Klever operates with a strong objective of offering efficient utility and profitable features to its users. Klever’s brand philosophy matches well with Polygon’s Web3.0 user and developer adoption interests.

The said integration would allow Klever users to:

  1. Export / safely store Polygon wallet address
  2. Manage Polygon accounts’ balances
  3. Send & Receive MATIC (Polygon)
  4. Access staking features (for ERC20 MATIC token) on Polygon
  5. Access Klever Swap for swapping Polygon trading pairs.
  6. Buy MATIC on Klever’s Polygon PoS for crypto purchasing features via Credit Card or Apple Pay.

The nine available trading pairs (to Polygon’s MATIC) in Klever Swap include:

  1. BTC
  2. KLV
  3. ETH
  4. TRX
  5. USDT (ERC20)
  6. USDT (TRC20)
  7. BUSD (BEP20)
  8. KBTC
  9. KETH

The Klever-Polygon integration would considerably decrease gas fees and quicken transactions. It would also offer a fine UX to Klever users, who would also be able to access the thriving Polygon-built ecosystem. This means Klever users will access acclaimed DeFi projects, such as Aave, Slingshot, and Sushi.

About Klever Network

Klever is an acclaimed cryptocurrency wallet and exchange platform. Klever offers decentralized and vital P2P financial services to its 3 million global users. The Klever app is placed at the Klever Network’s core. The Klever Exchange offers swift trading as it processes over 3 million transactions every second. The other Klever Labs platforms are Klever Blockchain, Klever Hardware Wallet, Klever Bank, and Klever 5. Klever Wallet lets you trade currencies in the app itself. Steer free from tedious registration, KYC, and selfie formalities mandated on other wallets. Klever gives its users rewards even from the Swap fees of your friends.

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