March 28, 2023
Polygon News

Polygon x MINA Ally for “Privacy-Preserving Apps”

Mina x Polygon Synergy will elevate scalability, privacy, and verifiability on the DeFi economy

Mina Protocol & Polygon Integrate for DeFi Privacy

The world’s lightest, participants-powered blockchain Mina Protocol is working on enabling privacy-protecting applications on Polygon. Support for Mina on Polygon PoS (Proof-of-Stake) is in the implementation stage. The promising announcement brings increased scalability, privacy, and verifiability to the DeFi economy. Developers building applications on Polygon will now be able to leverage privacy and verifiability via zero knowledge-SNARK-based (zk-SNARK) Mina Protocol.

Mina Foundation and Mina 

The Mina Foundation (TMF) is a public benefit corporation established in the United States. It is Mina Protocol’s (the world’s lightest blockchain) non-profit organizer. The protocol is supported via TMF with the grants issued to third parties making considerable contributions. TMF also maintains and manages community assets. Mina is the world’s lightest blockchain that is powered by participants. It utilizes advanced cryptography and recursive zk-SNARKs for designing just 22KB blockchain (fixed size, in entirety). With stand-out privacy features, Mina is building a private gateway to connect the actual world and cryptoverse. The end objective is to offer a secured and democratic future.

Polygon PoS’ Support for the Mina Protocol

Potential dApps capable of being developed on Polygon via Mina’s zero knowledge-SNARK-powered protocol leveraging:

  1. DeFi platforms needing user information securely with privacy via Mina’s Snapps (zero knowledge-SNARK-powered applications).
  1. NFT builders intending to safely store specific elements (ownership data).
  1. User existence verification by social media dApps without any need of PII sharing.

Polygon PoS via Mina’s zk-SNARK

Joint RFP proposals for building recursive zk-SNARK-enabled applications on the Ethereum blockchain are under review by Mina and the Ethereum Foundation. This bridge will offer advantages to dApps on Polygon PoS chain and other EVM-compatible chains.

Polygon x Mina: Developers Special

Polygon and Ethereum developers willing to implement Mina / Snapps on Polygon can register: Developers building on Polygon will have access to millions of community users.

Mina x Polygon: The Shared Vision

Mina Foundation & Polygon envision an entirely decentralized dapps ecosystem that empowers users to control their own data privacy. 

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