March 31, 2023
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Shriram Transport Selects Polygon-Audited

Shriram Transport debuts India’s first Digital FDCs on

Shriram Transport Finance Company Ltd. (STFCL) debuts Blockchain-assured Digital Fixed Deposit Certificates (DFDCs) in India. The very first NBFC to adopt and offer blockchain-based services, STFCL is also India’s largest asset financing company. The intent here is to offer 100% cryptographic security and authenticity on blockchain. The scalable Public Trust audibility here is provided by the Polygon Network.

The platform would let customers access their digital certificates (DCs) via a private trust infrastructure. Users can easily download, share, and verify the legitimacy of their DCs. Brought to you by Print2Block, platform utilizes Polygon for public audits. By doing so, Print2Block offers vital blockchain support to enable data auditability with publicly verifiability.

STFCL currently focuses on enhancing its digital business and strategies. The conglomerate is committed to make its customers’ journey seamless, safe, and easy. STFCL is inclined towards analyzing blockchain avenues in life and general insurance companies (GICs). Reportedly, Shriram City Union Finance is launching soon.

Print2Block using Polygon as a public audit to inject into financial assets native principles of blockchain, such as trustlessness and immutability. In doing so, Polygon blockchain betters data integrity whilst ensuring their immutability.


Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited is a Shriram Group company. Established in 1979, it is India’s largest commercial vehicle financier.. STFCL has developed a niche existence in financing pre-owned trucks for Small Truck Owners (STOs). It exists prominently with a network of 1,585 branches, 856 rural centers. Its tie ups are with over 500 private financiers in India.

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Print2Block is a budding startup working towards building via Blockchain a document-issuing platform. It runs on India’s largest private blockchain, Over 20 Million plus transactions are logged, whereas is also accessed by various government and private entities.

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