June 8, 2023
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Brandon of SPYRIT dropped by to talk to Andrew, our Editor-in-Chief, about the exciting things they have been working on and to take some questions from the community.

To celebrate the AMA, five members from our community who took part in the question-and-answer segment were selected to win a share of prizes worth $100!

If you would like more information about SPYRIT, please visit their website at https://spyritcoin.io/.

Andrew: Alright, folks! It’s time for our AMA with SPYRIT! They’re joining us to talk about their project and answer some of your questions.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

  • I’ll mute the chat so our guests can easily respond to my questions.
  • After answering my questions, I’ll unmute the chat so you all can ask your questions.
  • You’ll have two minutes to get your questions added to the chat.
  • After the two minutes are up, I’ll mute the chat again.
  • Our guest will select 5 questions and answer them. 
  • Those 5 questions will be the winners of our $100 prize pool!
  • Our guest can then choose to answer more questions if they have time to stick around.
  • I’ll unmute the chat and you all call can discuss how you think the AMA went.

Now, let’s get this party started!

Andrew: Thanks for joining us @daCoinHead! Could you start by telling us what SPYRIT is and where the concept came from?

Brandon: Thank you for having me here.

SPYRIT is the essence of blockchain. What does that mean? That means we are focused on the improved qualities of Blockchain development. SPYRIT is based around DeFi principles, utility implementation, and building the metaverse. 

SPYRIT is developing a decentralized platform built on the Polygon network that allows users to trade, farm, stake, mint NFTs, and stake NFTs.

We are also building an entirely new ecosystem and metaverse in Web 3.0 so we will be developing a one of a kind game with full NFT functionality using Unreal Engine.

The concept for the entire idea came clear to me around mid 2021, as I wanted to build something with meaning, utility, and complete transparency.

Andrew: Nice! Love the hear about all those different aspects you’re working on. 

Especially those NFT elements. I’m a total NFT nerd, as our community will know!

We’re looking forward to seeing you develop everything!

Brandon: We are ahead of development I can confidently say that!

Andrew: Love to hear that! More about your project’s brand, why is the company named SPYRIT?

Brandon: Well SPYRIT is an appealing way to spell spirit. The “Y” represents You (the user) and the spirit is your essence. If there was no spirit there would be no you, if there was no you there’d be no spirit.

We are bringing Essence alive onto the blockchain. Therefore, SPYRIT will never die.

Andrew: How cool! Love the various meanings! I’m always a fan of projects that put thought into their name like that.

Brandon: It’s kind of confusing to an extent until you actually look at it from various perspective. Not any means of religious context. Just purpose and meaningfulness.

Andrew: Now let’s get a little deeper. What utility does the token have?

Brandon: Well the token is called SpyritCoin. It is a deflationary utility token built on the Polygon network with two economical protocols. Those protocols are tax back to investors, and liquidity acquisition.

The utility for the token will be within the SPYRIT platform. The utilities are primarily DeFi. It will allow users to Trade, Farm, Stake, Mint NFTs, Stake NFTs.

So, any user can earn even more token from farming, or staking protocols. You will also be able to use SpyritCoin as gas to mint NFTs onto the Polygon network, as well as earn a high apr in SpyritCoin for staking their NFTs in our platform.

I think the main utility users will find the most attractive is the NFT Mint and Stake protocols. Which by the way starting out will only be ERC721.

Andrew: Sounds like a lot of good use cases! Looking forward to seeing everything come to fruition.

As we all know, there are so many projects out there. What makes SPYRIT unique from other Polygon DeFi projects and why should people invest?

Brandon: Our dApp is up an running for people to already check out. (UI/UX is being updated soon)

I believe what really makes us different is not necessarily doing everything differently but doing it better. Being transparent and professional about everything we are doing. Allowing the community to feel like they are actually apart of something.

But what definitely makes us different, is we are SPYRIT. And we want to utilize Polygon to build our own network.

Andrew: It’s so true. Engaging your community is something that many other projects could do better.

Brandon: I agree. Don’t get me wrong behind the scenes we are just ordinary people who have our personal lives to attend, but we are doing the best we can to build an efficient company. Not just “another” blockchain project.

Andrew: Love to hear that!

You’ve mentioned a few things already, but let’s talk a little about the future.

Your project roadmap is ambitious and filled with awesome checkpoints. What are some of the future developments you are most excited about?

Brandon: We have definitely been ahead with developments, there has just been some keen business things we have been behind on, but we are getting everything sorted out. Slowly but surely.

Right now, the most exited milestone is developing the metaverse game. The game will be called ‘Spyrit Realm’. It’s an MMORPG that takes place in the year 2127. Human civilization has complete adoption of blockchain technology to the need of survival.

Development and Design for the game has begun! We will be releasing some content of the game soon.

Andrew: Oh, sounds fun! How does that game work with your project?

Brandon: The game is story based (that I am writing) it will help us push SPYRIT even further. All of our NFTs will be utility/assets for the game.

Andrew: How cool! I can’t wait to give it a try! Do you have an anticipated release date?

Brandon: There will be a whitelist for upper sector players. It is TBA. We want to put time into it, so I am going to say at least 6-12 months.

Andrew: Sounds good!

We talked about the importance of community a bit ago. What are some plans you have to grow and engage your community?

Brandon: Right now we are working amongst influencers (VoskCoin being one of them 😌), public articles will be published, and social media marketing. This way we can obtain an audience organically.

We currently host an airdrop here and there too. We will most definitely be doing NFT giveaways in future as well. More ideas will come. Before too long, we will probably setup a DAO form, for users to vote on ideas.

Andrew: Glad to hear all that!

And talk to us about your team. Who do you have involved and how will their unique skills help SPYRIT succeed?

Brandon: Well I am the initial founder and CEO.

Khaled is our co founder and CMO – he works very hard with company engagement trying to build partnerships, and is very good with influencers. Plays a keen role in marketing for SPYRIT.

Boran is a full stack front end developer and blockchain developer. His skills are helping build our layer 3 protocol (dApp, smart contracts, and blockchain integration).

Vladimir has recently been added to the team, he is a full stack Unreal Developer (Design and Engineering). He will be playing a crucial role onto building the metaverse game.

Jeff is our marketing manager. He is apart of PolyPunks as well. He does an excellent job with keeping our communities engaged.

DEX is the community manager, so he manages all of our shillers, promoters, and makes sure our socials have what the need for people to engage.

Then ANK has been in crypto and blockchain for a long period of time, he helps us strategize everything DeFi.

Also, we have strongly partnered with an agency called Ice Scream. They primarily advise us when needed. They have helped build multi million dollar companies.

We are still building up our team too!

Andrew: Looks like you have a solid squad!

Well, before we open it up for community questions, hit us with the best places to follow your project and join the SPYRIT community.

Brandon: Telegram: https://t.me/spyritcoin 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/spyritcoin 
Discord: https://discord.gg/VSu9PbD2Mx
GitHub: https://github.com/spyritcoin 
YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCQRxoeds8HEWmUGwZJ6-fww

Andrew: Wonderful! Everyone, be sure to check them out.

Now, it’s time for our community questions. I’ll open up our chat for around 60 seconds to let our audience ask their questions. I’ll then close it off. From there, Brandon, I’ll have you select your 5 favorites to answer. 

Here we go!

Community Questions

Bill Ocasio: Are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure, trustworthy and reliable?

Brandon: We have one Audit with DessertFinance and will be pursuing another Audit with Certik or Paladin.

Gem Lover: Can you tell us about your presale? Is it live or over? How can a small investor invest in your project?

Brandon: Presale is live until 2/2/2022: https://spyrit.app/#/presale

Akii Boy: Can you provide more details about #SPYRIT presale? 

Is there KYC requirement need to participate that? Soft Cap/Hard Cap? Min/max contribution?

Brandon: Please use whitepaper for reference. Has all the info you need.


Presale is live: https://spyrit.app/#/presale

J. Marin: Will we see SPYRIT merge things like #NFT, #GameFI, #MetaFi and #DeFi as it works with a variety of partners to help innovate the ecosystem at Polygon and possibly other chains?

Brandon: This is actually something we are working on. 2022 will be a big year for Polygon, more adoption is to come.

Chinta Alfiyah: Every project has an interesting story before it is created.  what motivates you to build and develop great projects like this?

Brandon: My primary motivation is the feeling of know I am building something for a purpose. Because that something has meaning.


Andrew: That was great! Thank you so much for joining us to tell us about SPYRIT! I’m looking forward to seeing you all do big things.

And a huge thank you to our community for joining us for this AMA and submitting your questions! You all rock!