March 31, 2023
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Stargraph Selects Polygon for NFTs Launch

StarGraph’s NFT Platform Set to Launch on Polygon

Stargraph’s NFT Platform on Polygon

Collect the NFTs of the Stars with Stargraph—now on Polygon. Yes, Stargraph has opted for Polygon to launch its promising NFT platform. Ever wished to own iconic digital content? Now you can, via Stargraph’s exclusive marketplace and auctions. Access Stargraph’s gamification platform to earn rewards via collecting NFTs, then just HODL them in your portfolio for benefits. Stargraph is the first platform that enables fans to share their passion by buying and holding NFTs. A scalable pricing infrastructure will be built by Stargraph with the objective of engaging millions of fans globally via Polygon PoS. Stargraph then plans to commence fresh initiatives to fans’ education (since all of this is new for fans). Stargraph would also form collaborations with famous celebrities, athletes, clubs, and brands. The incumbent NFT collection of Stargraph hails from Rolling Stone and Mirco Lazzar (Nikon’s Sports ambassador).

What is Stargraph?

Established in 2017, Italian company Stargraph is committed to a revolutionary vision: It intends to alter the old discourse of NFTs and blockchain. In its endeavour, Stargraph is taking the sports and entertainment world from “fans monetization” to “fans that monetize their passion.” Stargraph offers a stellar rewarding mechanism with which you can experience your idols whilst making the planet better. Stargraph has on offer the 1st Official Monza Circuit NFT (starting from 50 Euros) by Autodromo di Monzo—149 for sale, starting EUR 50.

Why Polygon for Stargraph NFTs Launch?

Polygon has been winning the scaling platform and Ethereum-based applications game for quite a while now. Boosting the NFT ecosystem with its over 300+ NFT Dapps (viz., Opensea, Aavegotchi, Zed Run, Neon District, & Megacryptopolis). Polygon PoS facilitates low-cost and high-speed transactions. It reduces the environmental degradation when minting NFTs. As for Stargraph, the secondary market and a utility token will be launched soon. The Polygon-Stargraph synergy will also ensure transaction affordability exists in the ecosystem. So also do seamless settlements and swift user experience. Stargraph would also stand to benefit from the Polygon PoS, alongside established NFT projects, like OpenSea.

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