June 8, 2023
Polygon News

Swap for Gas: Instant (Gasless) MATIC Tokens on Polygon PoS

Say goodbye to exchange-led MATIC token sourcing. Bid adieu to bridging costs. Welcome Swap for Gas—a MATIC-sourcing solution on Polygon PoS Mainnet. The Polygon team is tirelessly working towards enhancing Polygon PoS’ user experience. The team is mindful about MATIC tokens’ procurement difficulties on Polygon.

Sourcing MATIC tokens from an Ethereum-based exchange and then bridging it to Polygon is easier said than done. Needless to say the legacy issues pertaining to the bridging cost, time, and overall a troublesome experience. Now, the Polygon Network introduces a ground-breaking solution to all the issues you found problematic.

To access the Swap for Gas features, do the following:

  1. To access the “Swap for Gas” application menu, go to the Navigation bar.
  2. Upon bridging their ETH, DAI, or USDT tokens, users can simply convert either of these  tokens to MATIC on the Polygon PoS Network.
  3. The Swap for Gas feature is gasless. Users don’t pay for the swap.
  4. Users simply select one from the available MATIC token tiles, considering the required amount, then opt for the bridged asset to swap and approve.
  5. Upon approval, select the “Swap” button and conclude the swap.

Upon process completion, users get the selected MATIC token amount. It needs to be noted that as little as 1 MATIC and as many as 20 MATIC can be swapped at a given point in time. As of now, 1 MATIC allows users to pay for 1000 transactions. Support for even more tokens for swapping is soon expected.