March 29, 2023
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Swiss Postal Service To Issue Crypto Stamp On Polygon


For the overall adoption of digital currencies, then there need to be more bridges from the conventional transacting method to the crypto way. One such bridge is the decision by Switzerland’s national postal service to introduce the Swiss crypto stamp on the Polygon Network. The Swiss crypto stamp will be a digital collectible that is connected to the traditional stamp issued by the postal service.

Swiss cryptocurrency stamps will serve as a digital version of real stamps and will be kept on the polygon blockchain. Each stamp design is a non-fungible token that is kept on the Polygon Blockchain. A QR code will be printed next to the actual stamp so that customers may scan it and find a digital version of it online. The Swiss Post says the crypto stamp would feature one of 13 potential designs and will be available for collection, exchange, and trading online.

Customers will be able to trade their crypto stamps on major non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces such as OpenSea. According to reports, the forthcoming Swiss crypto stamp would offer an experience comparable to that of NFTs, since some of the stamps will have a unique design. There will be 175,000 Swiss crypto stamps available at selected Swiss Post offices starting on November 25th, when the stamps go on sale in Switzerland. According to the statement, the Swiss cryptocurrency stamp would be the country’s first of its type.