March 28, 2023
Polygon News

TryHards Aims To Make Gaming a Career Option

TryHards is looking to offer a seamless gaming experience fueled by the Polygon Network. Because Polygon is an Ethereum L2 solution, it enables transactions faster at minimal costs. It eliminates latency issues and provides a smooth gaming experience for consumers. With in-built markets powered by NFT-based characters and weaponry, players may now earn money while playing. With an exceptional gaming experience and cheap transaction costs, TryHards may be the game-changer for the digital gaming sector.

TryHards utilize the famous decentralized oracle network Chainlink to enable impartial NFT drops and offer on-chain transparency. While using all of these partnerships, the TryHards crew is being as thorough as possible to create an entertaining and technologically sound shooter game. Duck DAO, The Moon, MMCrypto, and Brilliance Ventures are among the Metaverse partnerships that TryHards have made public so far. Each of these collaborations helps TryHards to be equipped with various skillsets and supported by industry professionals.

With these collaborations, TryHards essentially have a jumpstart in the blockchain gaming business and can develop this sector into becoming global. Besides, given the project’s emphasis on enabling gamers to earn, TryHards may alter the gaming business for the better. We draw nearer to the days when gaming will be considered a career option.