March 28, 2023
Polygon News

UFO Gaming x Polygon Partner


The Truth is Out There! UFO’s Super Galactic Metaverse Partners Polygon

UFO Gaming x Polygon: Endless Gaming NFT Avenues 

UFO Gaming is set to boost its NFT potential. The Origin Genesis NFTs of UFO’s Super Galactic Metaverse are set for Polygon integration and launch. Accessing Polygon’s robust and comprehensive stack of scalability solutions. UFO Gaming will now benefit from enhanced transaction speeds and near-zero gas fees with Polygon. The unique and dynamic UFO Gaming NFTs ecosystem will find this development beneficial since they get updated every 24 hours.

UFO Gaming-Polygon dApp Integration

Since the Polygon Network is developed as a core Ethereum ecosystem component. UFO Gaming can (after the dApp integration with Polygon) access Ethereum’s full network effects via Polygon. Polygon is built with a super-high security layer. Polygon amasses its efficient economy and security from Ethereum (a highly-acclaimed, secure and time-tested programmable blockchain). Polygon is open and powerful, more so in regards to the types of architectures it supports. Polygon is investing much of its attention towards gaming (Polygon Studios) and cryptocurrency.

UFO Gaming & Socials

UFO Gaming ($UFO) is a completely decentralized inter-galactic social gaming token. It is integrating the various blockchain and crypto elements with play-to-earn gaming. These elements include crypto, P2E, metaverse, virtual land, NFT, gaming, and IDO.