June 8, 2023

Ulti Arena AMA Recap


NFT Marketplace for Game Assets

Duke Vu and Harzo from Ulti Arena dropped by to talk to CryptoGirlfriend about their new project, as well as to discuss their plans for the future. To celebrate the BSCTimes and Ulti Arena AMA, five members from the community who participate in the question and answer segment at the end will be selected to win a share of prizes worth $250!

CryptoGirlfriend☆: Welcome everyone! I will be the AMA Host today.  I will be muting the chat during the AMA while the interview is being conducted. After I spend some time with Ulti Arena asking my questions, I will then open up the chat for a few minutes for everyone to ask questions. Ulti Arena will then select 5 of the questions asked by participants. The first 5 questions they answer will win $50 each. ($250 total).

Today we have @dukevu and @harzojunior with us from Ulti Arena. Welcome!

Duke Vu: Thanks for inviting us 🙂

harzo: Hello everyone 🙂

CryptoGirlfriend☆: Can you start out by introducing yourselves and tell us a little bit about your background?

Duke Vu: I’m CEO & Founder of Ulti Arena. My first entrepreneurial experience was with MyBaze.com – an online marketplace for up-and-coming brands, we generated over $100k in monthly turnover and also managed to raise $1.5 mln from a VC Fund. I then founded 2 other companies. One was sold, Risen a Software Development company of 40 people with Python/React to Netguru. The other was iMeshup – a 3D collaboration tool for Game Studios. I’ve also had my fair share of experience in Corporations (PwC and American Express). I’m also Chief Commercial Officer of Pragmatic Coders – a Blockchain / DeFi development company.

harzo: I’m the CTO of Ulti Arena. I also been a developer for the past 7 years.

Working with blockchain for about 3, mostly with Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Have been involved in a couple of projects launching new coins. Right now I am working hard on Ulti Arena early tools like smart contracts, launchpad, page etc.

CryptoGirlfriend☆: It sounds like you two have a wealth of experience and knowledge. 🙂

Duke Vu: Yes we’re currently in the same Ulti Arena team 🙂

CryptoGirlfriend☆: Can you give us an overview of the Ulti Arena project?

CryptoGirlfriend☆: You might want to include some of your links now as well for people to check out and know where to buy while we are chatting. 😁

Duke Vu: UltiArena is an NFT marketplace for Game Assets. Buyers/sellers can trade unique 2D/3D assets, Music, Sound and UI/HUD on the platform. Additionally we’ll implement Proof-of-Gaming, a gaming client allowing to earn $ULTI when playing games such as DOTA2 (games to be confirmed)

Our Tokenomics is simple: there’s a 6% tax on each transaction once we’re listed on PCS, 2% burn, 2% reflection and 2% auto-LP. Additionally we give back to all $ULTI holders 30% of all NFT marketplace’s platform revenue. Max supply is 250 BLN and we’re now live with our Private Sale on our launchpad (10x cheaper price than Public Sale)

Duke Vu: Here’s my LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/duke-vu-h/

harzo: https://www.linkedin.com/in/harzo/

harzo: ULTI website: https://ultiarena.com/ Launchpad: https://launchpad.ultiarena.com/ <— you can buy here 😉

Duke Vu: and our guide how to buy 😉 https://ulti-arena.medium.com/how-to-buy-ulti-in-presales-3c52b21eb1da

harzo: ULTI Coin on bscscan -> https://bscscan.com/token/0x6606BB7788445C58589315fa56925cbe0012ebC7

CryptoGirlfriend☆: Great! Thank you for these links. I am sure everyone tuned it appreciates it.

CryptoGirlfriend☆: So you mentioned this a NFT Marketplace for Game Assets. So once someone purchases these assets, I assume they can then use them in games? Can you explain that a little more.

CryptoGirlfriend☆: So will the games all need to be built on BSC then in order for the assets to be used that are purchased from your marketplace? That sounds like a whole new industry that has just been created.

Duke Vu: Yes and no. You can either use those assets and implement them in your own games without relying on the BSC, or you can of course make NFT games that use those assets. The beautiful thing is that on our NFT Marketplace those assets can be used in whichever kind of game (offline / online).

CryptoGirlfriend☆: That is good that there is that kind of flexibility so people are not limited.

Duke Vu: Exactly.

The biggest impact they will have is by enabling users to truly own unique and rare in-game assets. Users who own extremely rare NFTs may also make a considerable income by selling their assets. Whether we call it a revolution or not, NFTs will change the way gamers interact within games.

Through blockchain technology, now the players can be the true owners of the game assets. Up until now, if you buy something from the game store – it still technically belonged to the Game Studio or Developer that made that game. With NFT”s – now a gamer can truly own a piece of that game – directly from the Game Artist!

CryptoGirlfriend☆: I actually have a friend that is an amazing aspiring digital artist. So this may be be an opportunity for her to get her 3D Renders noticed!

Duke Vu: Awesome! We’ll be looking to release Unity / Unreal Engine’s plugin so that artists can mint their NFT’s directly in those game engines.

CryptoGirlfriend☆: So let’s talk more about the $ULTI token. What will be it’s utility?

harzo: First of all there will be multiple ways holders of ULTI tokens to earn. Artists, Game Developers will earn through sale of NFT’s through the marketplace. 30% of all transaction fees / total revenue from NFT Marketplace and for Artists / Game Developers tools will be transferred to ALL ULTI holders. By participating in the community discussion boards, events, competitions, tournaments: Gamers, Artists and Game Developers will earn ULTI tokens. Also every transaction has 2% tax that goes back to all holders.

Duke Vu: It will be worth it to hold your $ULTI’s to see them grow day by day 😉

CryptoGirlfriend☆: That’s really cool. So people can earn tokens in many ways just by being engaged in the community.

Duke Vu: Yes and we’ll be also adding Staking, APY to be determined

CryptoGirlfriend☆: Now you are speaking my language. I love yield farming.

Duke Vu: We love it too! Earn $ULTI by staking $ULTI 😉 or maybe $CAKE – we’ll see

CryptoGirlfriend☆: This all sounds like a very robust website and project with a lot going on. So of course people are going to be concerned about the security of it all. Can you tell us about the security measures you have taken to ensure everything is SAFU?

harzo: First thing is that we are using the latest version of Solidity in our contracts. It’s free from the flaws of previous versions, eg. the overflows are handled by the compiler. Secondly, we have done an audit with solidity.finance which went very very well. And! We are in the process of the second audit right now with Techrate.

CryptoGirlfriend☆: That’s great. I’m sure many people will want to check out the audit results.

harzo: Yup the first one is here: https://solidity.finance/audits/Ulticoin/ . We need to wait for the second.

Duke Vu: We’re gonna do a 3rd one before landing on Pancakeswap to be ultra-secure 🙂 – either Hacken or Certik

CryptoGirlfriend☆: So I know you have your presale going on right now. How is that going and when is the $ULTI token expected to be live on Pancakeswap?

Duke Vu: We’ve raised up until now over 1080 BNB’s and are continuously building out our media, investor and marketing partnerships. What’s more, we’re in the first phase of NFT marketplace development starting from UX/UI design with https://www.pragmaticcoders.com. We’re also looking for Senior Python and React Engineers to join our team to build the product (if you are one, contact us!). Current stage Private Sale will end on 26th June 6PM CET – and this is the only time when you can get 10x cheaper $ULTI than Public Sale’s price. We will have ongoing PreSales up until Mid-September when listing on Pancakeswap. All Tokens that are unsold will be burned! So less supply!

CryptoGirlfriend☆: That was going to be my next question. How long after the token sale will the platform be released?

Duke Vu: We’ll do everything we can to release the NFT marketplace before end of September. As previously mentioned we’re working with https://www.linkedin.com/in/katsmolen/ – who’s designing UX/UI of our platform. We hope that 3 months will be enough for the Engineers to release the MVP.

CryptoGirlfriend☆: Well funding to pay for all these wonderful developers and designers is always one of the first steps!

A couple more questions and then we will open up the chat for questions from the participants.

Duke Vu: Yes our priority is to get the product released. Then our 2nd goal of is to release Proof-of-Gaming, which will be a game client through which gamers can play and mine $ULTI’s at the same time.

CryptoGirlfriend☆: Everyone is always curious about the marketing strategy behind a project to ensure it’s long term success. Can you share some of the marketing you have planned for UltiArena?

Duke Vu: Our marketing will consist of 4 main pillars: Performance Marketing (Facebook Ads, Coinzilla, Cointraffic, Etherscan Ads etc.), PR, YouTube influencers and international communities (Korea, Japan and Russia among the first). We’re now working with 2 agencies (https://flexe.io/ and https://crynet.io/) on TG Management, PR in mentioned countries, Reddit marketing, Discord and so on. We understand that in order to successfully launch on PCS – we need a strong marketing ground. Building the community and project’s support takes time and careful planning. We hope to bring the best marketing before our Public Sale. For latest news we’ll be Diamond Sponsor on https://bitcoinevents.co.za/defi-conference-2021/ – I’ll be the speaker talking about the future of NFT’s.

CryptoGirlfriend☆: It sounds like you have a lot planned!

Duke Vu: Yes lots of work ahead, both in Product development and Marketing

CryptoGirlfriend☆: I look forward to keeping my eye on this project and all of the developments as they unfold.

Duke Vu: Thank you!

CryptoGirlfriend☆: Before we get into the audience questions, is there anything else you would like to mention today?

Duke Vu: Remember to join our airdrop 🙂 https://twitter.com/UltiArena/status/1405462557314498561

CryptoGirlfriend☆: Thank you! I’m sure everyone will.

CryptoGirlfriend☆: I am not going to unmute the chat for a few minutes. Now will be the time to post your questions. Then i will mute the chat again and UltiArena will select the top 5 questions to answer. The 1st 5 questions answered will each win $50 ($250 Total)

Community Question #1

DaviidAL95: When talking about NFT’s, could you tell us what the benefits would be for artists and developers by implementing tokenization of game assets and verification of their origins?

Duke Vu: Here are some unique advantages with creating NFT’s in Games:

Rarity: NFT’s as Game Assets, Sound, Music, or User Interfaces will be truly rare as they’ll be made by Game Artists in limited amounts or in single quantities. This feature will make the prices of some assets skyrocket. Example? In 2018, a CryptoKitty named Dragon sold for 600 ETH, which was the equivalent of $170K at the time.

Ownership: Through blockchain technology, now the players can be the true owners of the game assets. Up until now, if you buy something from the game store – it still technically belonged to the Game Studio or Developer that made that game. With NFT”s – now a gamer can truly own a piece of that game – directly from the Game Artist!

Interoperability: Games are now being developed in a central way. With NFT’s – game assets, sounds, music, User Interfaces can be used in multiple games and can also be traced back to the original creator. Decentralized game-making is the future.

Community Question #2

TseNamg: What would be ULTI’s edge/advantages over its competitors.in the long run

Duke Vu: Here’s a short comparison of Ulti Arena vs. other marketplaces

We’re looking to make our NFT’s dual-chain both on Ethereum and BSC

Community Question #3

IM_CNB || 🇱🇰: Do you have planned to burn $ULTI or implement system buy back?

harzo: All unsold tokens from presales will be burnt. And probably some share of the IDO fund will be burned. That depends on how good the sale ends. Also the coin has standard burn function that everyone can call.

Furthermore, each transaction is taxed with 2% burn.

So yes 🙂 we have planned this and you can participate!

Community Question #4

Je Kyrie: What is the best feature of this project?

harzo: Proof of Gaming! 😀 You play and earn ULTIs 😀

Community Question #5

caii14: Do you think Ulti Arena will be active for a long time? Not like other projects that’s only active at the start then slowly becoming inactive until it’s not working anymore. How will you keep ulti arena active so users will not lose interest in this project? Like is there a new activity every month or weeks or even everyday? How will you keep it going?

Duke Vu: I’ve had experience building marketplaces before (in 2012 so that’s a long time ago!) See the investment from our previous VC: https://mci.pl/en/mci-invests-in-mybaze-com-an-online-platform-integrating-sellers-and-buyers-in-the-design-industry

I spent 8 years now building various startups, software companies and products. Our company will be also looking to IPO one day and that’s our long-term vision. Besides $ULTI token, we hope to bring our company shares in crowdfunding. By bringing the company to life and by having investors committed in the long-term, we will also be in the long-term.

CryptoGirlfriend☆: Thank you everyone for your great questions. You can continue to ask any questions you have in the UltiArena TG. 🙂

Thank you @dukevu and @harzojunior for being here today.

Duke Vu: Thanks a lot for inviting us!

CryptoGirlfriend☆: Please share again your socials where they can continue to learn more about UltiArena

Duke Vu: 🚨 Social: #ultiarena #ultimoon